Hi! I am new here

Hi everyone! My name is Petra. I was diagnosed with ADHD at the age of 49. I am 53 now and I think knowing what I have makes it easier but also harder. I understand myself better but I also feel very lonely because I get the feeling no one really understands. I als feel so sorry for the small child I once was. With this comes a lot of grief and sadness. Having said that… I love my boundless enthousiasm, energy and creativity!!!

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Hey Petra

Not long been on here myself

I struggled too when diagnosed, thinking back to childhood, that a lot of bad stuff could be, part of or some of the ADHD

Glad too see you take the positive out of it, me not so much

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Hi Petra! My name is Wendy. I’m 38 now. Was diagnosed and started medication in 2002 but it wasn’t until 2017 when I was starting to find helpful information and support groups online. I also found a therapist who I like and use and a psychiatrist who is unbelievably great and see on a regular basis.
I feel very alone in all this especially when I reached out to my family for there support and understanding in 2018. My family doesn’t think I should take medication they don’t know anything about ADHD and mental illness they aren’t emotionally supportive people. It hurt and I was sad and hurt and it’s been a process for me. Also I have no friends or coworkers who relate to me. I do believe one of the things that has helped me heal is online support and I go to a local chadd meeting once a month. I’m also on HealthUnlocked that was the first place I went for online support

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Hi Wendy! Thanks for your reply!