Hi! I am new to the forum!


Hello there, I am very excited to be apart of a forum that is had scientific based suggestions. I am student, in biology and I am struggling dispite my love for the subject. I am looking forward to reading and talking to you all.




Welcome to the Tribe, Dorian.:wink:

We have some threads in the forum regarding University, struggling with it, and tips and tricks to help, if you have a search.:wink:

Happy to have you here!:grin:

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Hello and welcome! Hope you find what you are looking for.

Unfortunately I was always more of a chemistry nerd, so I can’t say much about biology other than it is also important. :wink:

Welcome to the Tribe!



Thank you!



Welcome Dorian. Dorian Grey? Like the book? :smile:

It’s funny… Biology was the one subject I took in my last year of high school where I just “got it”. I scored great marks despite all my self-sabotage… One exam, I didn’t even know we had an exam, and came in hungover and tired. Aced it anyway…

But I wasn’t really interested at all, and never pursued biology since then. Maybe I should have? The only reason I took it at all was because I got kicked out of physics for inattentiveness. The teacher wasn’t my biggest fan…



Don’t you just love those subjects that you just seem to intuitively understand? Science never did that for me, but psychology was my thing. I guess that is why I majored in social work and minored in psychology. If you ever feel like advancing yourself in scholarly subjects, maybe you could take a community college class to try it out. They are relatively cheap. I would guess that you zoned out in physics because of all the math. That would be what makes my head spin. :smile:

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Welcome to the Tribe! I wish I had this forum in school. Of course, I might have procrastinated all my time away on here if I had. :rofl: Good luck in school, and feel free to put all your struggles and triumphs out here. We understand!



It’s too late for me to go back to school, I have a mortgage now, and I go away for weeks at a time for work.

Anyway, since university I’ve already tried technical college (dropped out when I scored a good job, and then the boss killed my career in that industry, long story), completed the training as a commercial pilot (pulled out for financial/relationship reasons), started any number of online courses (Rarely get past the first half).

So now I’m trying art. No boss, no qualifications, just motivation required. Ha ha… I’ll stop procrastinating tomorrow…