Hi! I'm in...Delaware...


Hello everyone. I’m new to this whole ADHD thing. Well, not new to living with it for sure, but new to actually having a diagnosis. I was diagnosed a couple months ago, not long after my 32nd birthday and also not long after losing my job because of performance issues that stemmed from said un-diagnosed ADHD. While I’m still looking for work, I’ve actually been happier in the last few months than I have for years, simply because I now have a name to put to what I’ve been struggling with for most of my life. I thankfully have an incredibly supportive partner (who’s also a brain!) and a wonderful little boy to keep me busy. I’m so glad to have found this place, too, and so many other communities online where I can reach out for support. I’m learning so much, and it’s all helpful in putting myself on the right track to where I want to be. So here’s hoping I can give back in some small way, too.

(And for those of you who got the reference in my post title…party on. :wink: )