Hi, I'm new here and tired of feeling alone.

I was diagnosed with ADHD-PI in April 2020. I found Jessica’s channel pretty recently and realize how empowering it is to hear someone who knows what ADHD is talk about it a bit. Most people in my life either think that: 1) ADHD isn’t real or 2) Maybe it is real, but do you really have it? Imposter syndrome is involved in every self-defining move I make and I battle with depression, social anxiety, and verbal expressive language processing issues.

I really am looking forward to meeting more people with ADHD to bond over shared experience and maybe give/receive support, too.

You’ll have to excuse me, though. I am writing this post during a lull at work and have to get back to it. Hooray for shifting attention!


:+1: Welcome, welcome, welcome . . .

I am old geezer with ADHD (i.e. I’m a :brain:), my son is a :brain:, and my granddaughter (his 12 y.o. daughter) is also a :brain: . . . it’s evolved into a family tradition :rofl:!

I’ll spare you any more about me . . . and look forward to hearing more about you!

Best of the Best to ya!



Thank you for the reply! I suspect that my mom may be a brain as well–we share a lot of the same…um…‘quirks’. ADHD really is a family tradition all around.


Welcome @Fanaye_Gessesse !

Welcome to the ADHD tribe !

My family do not understand my neurodiversity !

I think, 5% of people have ADHD.

You are not alone , there are people who can support you, from the forum, especially if you are sad.



Sad or Glad . . . we’ll take both!!



Welcome to the HowToADHD forums @Fanaye_Gessesse !

I was also diagnosed with ADHD-PI, in September 2020 (at 45 years old; I’m now 46).

Last April was when I first decided to be evaluated, but I had to wait until July for an opening. I found out about the HowToADHD YouTube channel from Jessica McCabe’s TEDx Talk, and I eventually found out about these forums.

Yeah, ADHD often runs in families, that’s for sure!
Both of my parents seem to have some of the Inattentive traits (and my dad may have been the Combination presentation in his youth). My kids have some traits as well, but nobody in my family seems to be as strongly ADHD as me, and I’m only moderately so.

I can understand how you feel about other people’s reactions, especially as an Inattentive. Many people don’t seem to understand that there are different presentations, only picturing the Combined presentation. (My wife and I bothered worked at a school once upon a time, and all of the students that were known to have ADHD diagnoses had Hyperactive-Impulsive traits.)



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