Hi! I'm new here :)



Hi! I found this site from watching HowToADHD on YouTube. I was looking for resources for an informative paper that I am currently trying to write and Jessica mentioned this forum in the second video I watched of her (an interview with Scot Melville). The first video i watched was her review of “Take Your Pills” which I found really interesting. Anyway, I really wanted to join here. I’m hoping it’s okay I did because I don’t have ADHD myself, however, I want to learn more about it because I’m studying to be a teacher-thinking of middle school or high school, not sure-and I know that educating myself on different conditions students will have is a very important skill. I want to try my best to be an ally and a source of support for my future students. I figured signing up was one small step forward to do that. So here I am. :blush:


Welcome :blush: