Hi, I'm new. Nice to meet you.


Um, I just found this from watching the TED talk she did. Or said, or preformed, doesn’t matter. But um, this seemed really cool. I was diagnosed with ADD/ADHD about…a year and a half ago? Maybe longer, whoa… Anyways I always felt like when I talk really fast or just randomly lost track of what I was saying or when I explained that the reason I can’t remember what my teacher last period was talking about besides the fact she’s reading a new book is because of my ADD/ADHD people would look at me weird. I always kinda felt alone in this. This was awesome to find and realize that people actually do have the same struggles as me. A lot of times I’m told that I’m just weird, not working hard enough, or asked why can’t you just stay on task for five minutes! This is so different and cool for me to see that there are others that also experience it. Thanks for making this community and helping people like me realize that I’m not just the “special kid” with problems with memory or paying attention, or getting distracted inside my own brain so I completely space out during the middle of conversations. Haha, life’s fun. Anyway, I’m excited to be part of this community.


Hey and welcome, reading what you wrote i already feel like your someone that speaks my language, well my form of english, mmm that doesnt sound rite but hopefully you get what i mean, adhd speak anyways, i was diagnosed about 4 years ago (i think but i lose track) and before that it was confusing but now makes sense, it must be still a bit new to you but must feel great to know whats going on? :slight_smile:


Haha, yeah. Her videos really do help, and yeah I totally speak “ADHD speak”. That should be like its own language haha.


Hello Cress and welcome!

I’m glad you were able to find us - I can relate to a lot of what you said. :heart: I’m glad we can give you a space where you aren’t alone. :blush: It definitely helps to some degree, knowing you aren’t the only one struggling.


Hello welcome we’re glad you are here


Welcome :smiley:


Yes i am down for a official adhd langauge


You shared a wonderful story.
I’m gonna free style write and I’m not sure if There is a point. When I read your text, I felt like I’m readingabout me. I’ve delt with it all my life. clueless, I think I did best living my life in my own world, trying to change and be good at stuff I’m not good at because I want to fit in live a successful life that was in the eyes of living up to my parents and my expectations, and never succeeded, until I stopped trying to be someone I’m not and stop caring about what anybody else thinks about me, there are people who love you me for me.
And I love my mom, but she and I really just? It sucks!.


Well said, i almost feel like its something i would write, its so comforting hearing all this from fellow adhd’ers since i currently live in a small town of 5000ish there is really no one else speaking my language.


My town is a million, wow, that sounds like a lot, my town doesn’t feel like a big city at all. I live in Tucson Arizona. Until about a year ago, I told no one able my adhd, I was so idk, I didn’t want people to think I wasn’t normal but what I wanted to say was this last year I joined an online support group like this one and I for the first time was reading other people’s messages stories whatever and I related to them and finally I got the courage to write something about myself share and I recieved so much support and that felt good. I think it’s helped me get to where I am today plus the seeing a doctor and being put on medication also huge part. I was dealing with myself and my adhd problems my whole life alone even my friends I hung out with i never let them see my pain


Well i feel your pain and your not alone :slight_smile:


Welcome. I am New too. Found Jessicas videos by accident when exploring aphantasia, which I started to ponder when reading about emotion construction theory and realized that most people have a minds eye. And some not. Since I have hyperfocused on how to ADHD and joined my first community ever