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My name is Hannah, otherwise known as Keep_my_spleen! I wanted to introduce myself. I’m from Missouri. I’m 19 and a college freshman, earning my BA in Music and Psychology with an emphasis in music therapy. My career goal is to work with kids who have learning disabilities, ASD, ADHD, etc (I think I want to work in a school).

I got diagnosed with ADHD on October 24, 2019, after what feels like a very long time. My parents put me in private school for preschool, kindergarten, and first grade, but they saw that I wasn’t making good progress and my teachers didn’t seem interested in helping me. They took me out and I was homeschooled from the age of 7 through 16, when I passed the HiSET exam (Missouri’s GED).

When I entered community college at 18, I was pretty successful . . . taking four-six hours a semester. I even became a member of Phi Theta Kappa! (That’s an international honor society). However, when I knew I wanted to earn my bachelor’s degree, I went back to school full-time . . . and fell flat on my face, so to speak. Last year I was admitted to the state’s top music school and I came to this university as a full-time student. I was afraid of failing miserably, so I sought out my school’s counseling services. After ten hours and two months of heavy testing, record-taking, and research, I recieved my diagnosis of ADHD and a Specific Learning Disorder pertaining to Reading Comprehension.

Needless to say, this diagnosis has changed my life and there’s more that led up to it than just being at school, but I have a tendancy to overshare. I will leave with this: I join my older cousin and older sister with an ADHD diagnosis, and my family has been hugely supportive since we’ve learned the causes of my “quirkiness”. I no longer feel ashamed because of my “irresponsibility” and I’m so pumped to be a music therapist for kids like myself someday soon!


Welcome to the tribe and good luck pursuing your career.
Quick question how did you know you wanted to pursue being a music therapist?
I am only asking cause I am also a college freshman but I don’t know what I want to do so currently I am an undecided student.

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I didn’t set out to become a music therapist when I first went to college, either. I knew that I love kids and want to help them, so my first major was Communication Disorders with the intention of going to grad school to become a Speech-Language Pathologist. However, something about that didn’t sit right with me. I changed to Elementary Education, then Special Education, and then Nursing.

I’ve played the piano for twelve years, guitar for seven, and sang in choirs since I was five or six. I finally decided I couldn’t leave my music behind, especially after I enter the workforce. One of my friends suggested music therapy, and it was right for me.

The thing that most people don’t know about music therapy is that it requires a strong background in music (composers, history, theory, high instrument skill), enough to earn a degree in music- and also, enough knowledge of psychology, anatomy, counseling, etc., to be a successful healthcare provider (like a physical or occupational therapist).

If you are not completely inundated by information by now, here is the link to the American Music Therapy Assocation (AMTA). :smile:

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ah got it so you figure it out as you went that’s good to know.

Oh, yes!! Are you in a particular degree program, or just a gen ed thing? Because if you are, take random classes – anything you’re interested in, whether it counts for credit or not (I’d recommend doing one less class than normal, and then using that “free space” to take a “special” class. I.E., math, English, history, and intro to social work, or . . . math, English, science, and microbiology, or whatever).

College is very much a learn-as-you-go type of thing, which is not what they tell you. No one has it figured out :slight_smile:

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I am currently just taking gen ed thing. I am taking classes of interest but they fill my general ed requirements because I am not current in any particular degrees or programs. However I am considering declaring a minor and at my college this is only a minor not a major. But i have not declared it yet. Also I take 15 credits a semester but it depends on the classes you take cause certain classes have more credits than others. SO this semester i am taking 6 classes but they are 6 classes that I wanted to take but only one class was required in order to continue gathering credits for the general ed.

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Oh, I see. I’m a music major doing 8 classes for 12 credits… :flushed:

Know that if you declare a major, you can always, ALWAYS switch. Don’t be forced into a decision. Also, get familiar with your advisor and any career services your school might provide. Even though they help people find jobs, part of their purpose is helping people get into majors and careers that they love.

Press on, friend! :blush:

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yep cause finals are just around the conner :flushed:

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I feel you hahaha oof

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