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I just wanted to say Hi :slightly_smiling_face:.

My name is Susan, 41 years old and live in Scotland. I just booked my ADHD assessment today, so have a few weeks to wait until the appointment. There was a culmination of events this year that led me look into ADHD. The more I found out I identified with, thinking “that’s me”.

Since a child I’ve always been regarded as a daydreamer, easily distracted and have very little concentration span. I couldn’t study for exams, hence just scraped past. I dropped out of university, because of this too. I have an impulsive streak, which has lead me into starting many things over the years only to lose interest in them quickly. Also spending impulsively…I won’t go into that… I constantly live in clutter at home. I’ll make a to-do list, then get easily distracted by something trivial or end up watching tv. Fast forward to hours later and I’m rushing about only getting a fraction of the things done I wanted to. Driving is another, I tend to loose my temper a lot whilst in the car and get aggravated at the most trivial things.

I’ve always struggled with executive functions(new term to me)…planning, organising and prioritising. I procrastinate about everything and struggle to make decisions. Whilst I’ve held down admin jobs for the last 20 years I’ve always muddled through with making lists, taking notes etc. I’ve always hidden it well. So I’m calm on the surface, but paddling furiously away beneath. I suffer from low self-esteem, anxiety and social anxiety. Over the years I’ve been off with stress, seen a couple of psychologists and therapist. I’ve come away from them with comments such as “you have a fear of commitment” and “are you sure you’re not just really shy”?

Fast forward to the last few years and my current employer. I was in an admin role which involved serving customers, organising deliveries and drivers were on time, planning worksheets, taking orders etc…it happened again after a time I had a complete meltdown. Back to the doctor I was diagnosed with IBS, prescribed sertraline and referred to a psychologist.

In the time I applied for another role as a trainee lab tech with the company. I got this and started back in January 2018. It should have been a perfect job for me, I loved it. However my fail safes of taking notes and lists were taken away. I did ask my supervisor, but she only said no-one else needs these. It wasn’t long before I was taking too long on tasks, making silly errors, I write things down as my short term memory is rubbish. Long story short, I was moved back to an admin role similar to my previous one. Only it is a busier office, I’m looking after more orders, deliveries and drivers. Thankfully my current supervisor is more understanding. But I’m constantly worried that I’m on a last chance and have only a few months to prove myself…:confused:

I’m really sorry for rambling on if anyone has persevered this far! With our NHS (which is always under a lot of pressure) I was on the waiting list for 10 months before I got an appointment. I’ve been referred again to be assessed to see if I fit into the autism spectrum. In that time I stumbled across “How to ADHD” on YouTube and found the videos very helpful and informative. Thus I’ve booked a private ADHD assessment.

Can I just get diagnosed already?

Hello. I used to be a lot like you. Now with ADHD (ADD) and Asperger’s (High functioning Autism) diagnosis and a helluva lot of stubbornness I can finally get more things done. I’m on medication too for. ADHD it has done me good.

Hope you will be happy to feel less alone here in the forum. I’m your fellow Sassenach!


Hello Susan,
We have very similar stories, I have just been diagnosed at 48 by the NHS. My route to an assessment was very convoluted and took many years, I understand your frustrations.

There can be problems with getting a private diagnosis, sometimes these are not recognised by the NHS and if you ultimately have to rely on private medication prescriptions, you will be charged a much higher rate than for NHS prescriptions, possibly full market rate for the drugs. I not trying to put you off the choice of going private, I just wanted to make you aware of possible pitfalls if you did not know already. I joined an ADHD meetup group after my diagnosis and met quite a few people there who were trapped in this type of situation.

Good luck with your quest, I hope you find some answers soon. Neil.


Hi, I just got diagnosed too on the NHS. The gap between referral and assessment for me was 14 months… the most agonising 14 months EVER! But so worth it, because my consultant was very nice and understanding and I now have a real answer. Are you still on sertraline, out of interest? Does it work for you?

Also, your employer is required by law to make ‘reasonable adjustments’ for your ADHD. Once you have a diagnosis, you can bring that to your employer and they must allow you to work in your own way and give you a manageable workload. If you need help with that, you can contact citizens advice bureau - they’ve always been fantastic when I’ve called them for advice.


Hi, I’ve recently just come off sertraline. They worked for a few months, but then not. I asked to be taken off them, so my GP reduced the doseage and frequency.

Once I have had my private assessment they will send a copy of the report to my GP. I’m not sure what my GP will do from there? Perhaps refer me to be assessed on the NHS. I’m still waiting for an appointment to see the psychologist for ASD assessment. My employer is aware of this, but I will contact my local CAB for some advice.

Hopefully I can find out more about ADHD groups in my area.


The consultant who did your assessment will recommend a treatment plan for you, and you’ll likely have to go back in a month or so to review how it’s going. Your GP will get a copy of your treatment plan and prescribe you whatever medication it says. At least, that’s what happened for me - my area didn’t have an NHS run ADHD assessment service, so the NHS paid for private as it sometimes does if it doesn’t have the right stuff in the area. So I saw a private consultant out of area, but provided for by the NHS.


I suggest that you make an appointment with your GP to discuss this before the private assessment if possible. If they will accept the diagnosis, the next question is ‘Will the GP be able to treat you?’

My medication type and dosage is all under the care of the ADHD consultant, it’s only when an effective treatment has been found that I will then enter into ‘shared care’ between the ADHD consultant and the GP.

This is the treatment path in my area, I’m in London, treatment could well be different in your area, but best to find out before spending significant amounts of money rather than afterwards. Again, I’m not trying to put you off, but I have seen quite a few people extremely frustrated because their GP will not accept a private diagnosis, or provide any treatment. All they have is an expensive piece of paper allowing them to buy medication that they can’t afford.

Maybe consider getting treatment privately until your NHS assessment comes through?

I was assessed for ASD first, they considered me to be borderline ASD but were the first to suggest ADHD to me. I think the ASD assessment wait time was about 22 months I was then ‘fast-tracked’ to the ADHD assessment, a further 6 months wait, diagnosed in January this year but did not start medication until September due to other health issues on my part and some inefficiencies of communication on theirs.


Greetings from a fellow Scotland-dwelling lady waiting for her NHS appointment.

Been on the waiting list for 2,5 months now, my GP said the waiting list is usually about 3 months long so hopefully won’t be too long now… I thought 3 months was gruesomely slow, but seems like it’s from the faster end of the NHS waiting spectrum!

I hope you won’t have to wait that long and you get seen soon, waiting is the worst when you just want some clarity on what’s ailing you, and a chance to function more like a normal human…


Hi, I’ve booked an appointment with my GP, which is about 2 weeks before my ADHD assessment.


I hoe it all works out well for you, and that you find a solution soon.


Hi Susan! Hello from another person in Scotland :slight_smile:

I have an NHS assessment apointment in a few months time. I hope your process goes smoothly! I’d be interested to hear about the private pathway and how that fits in with the NHS system (e.g. can you get an NHS prescription based on a private assessment and are they funnay about it etc.).


Hi, I will certainly post an update with how I get on. I think I am more nervous about seeing my GP prior to the assessment. I will need to go in prepared with what I want to get across.

It will be interesting to see how the Private assessment links in with the NHS.


I had my assessment this afternoon mostly…I have a couple of on-line questionnaires including the Wender Utah Rating Scale and one a relative will complete. In the assessment I sat the Connors test which I had to hit the space bar every time a letter appeared except for an “x”. I didn’t perform too well hitting most of the x’s save a few and missed a few other letters.

I visited my GP 2 weeks ago to advise that I was having the assessment privately. His reaction was very non-commital, saying I was being very proactive. The bottom line would be that he would wait for the report and take it from there. However, the consultant I saw today worked for my health board until 18 months ago. He worked in the CAMHS department and told me my health board have no current facilities to treat Adults with ADHD. It really must be a postcode lottery.

In short, I’m still trying to process everything, but it all points to ADHD. I get my formal diagnosis in a couple of week and we will work on a plan moving forward. I don’t want to jump the gun yet, but I came out of the meeting finally feeling vindicated in a way. I’m not stupid, lazy or selfish… I feel relieved, but impatient for the next few weeks to pass…


Good to know your are making progress, I hope there is some way for you to actually get some treatment.


Hello Susan and welcome! :smiley:

I hope your appointment for assessment goes well? Went well? I’m super late responding to intros - I’m so sorry about that! Either way I hope the assessment will go and has gone well! I hope your supervisor remains understanding. :heart: No matter what you’re diagnosed with (ASD, ADHD, anxiety, whatever), if the videos and this community help you, then that’s all that matters! And we are glad to have you. :heart:


Thank You!


Hello. Suse.


Hello! :wave:


I got my diagnosis this morning…I am combined type ADHD. My consultant is going to write to my GP as we discussed shared care going forward. Where I will he will treat me and the NHS will pay for my medication. As it stands there is no provision for treatment of Adult ADHD under my Health Board.

The consultant wishes to start me on 30mg of Vyvanse per day. It’s a lot to think about, but right now I just have this huge sense of relief.


Sounds like a good result all round, I’m glad that you can actually get some treatment.