Hi, newbie from Scotland


All happening now…I received an E-mail yesterday from my consultant with a copy of the letter to my GP. He advised waiting 5 or 6 days before contacting my Surgery. This afternoon my Surgery contacted me to say there was a prescription for me to pick up. I’ve been prescribed 28 days supply of Elvanse (30mg), which I pick up tomorrow.

I was really surprised, but happy at how quick this went ahead. After everything I heard about the treatment for ADHD in Adults, especially that there was no provision under my health board. I was expecting to go to see my doctor and get a negative response and be put on another waiting list. Not wanting to jump the gun, as I will need to make an appointment for my GP for about 3 weeks time to renew my prescription as I don’t see the consultant until the middle of February to review my medication. I’m hoping the shared care agreement works as I will be able to get my medication on the NHS and just have to see the consultant as needed.

I have a week before going back to work so at least I will have a chance to get used to taking the meds before then. Apologies for rambling on…


Hi Suse.
Just wondering how you’re getting on with the new meds and going back to work and such? :slight_smile:

I’m still waiting for my consultation with a psychiatrist (been closer to 5 months now) and I’m growing ever restless and impatient…

I’ve been meaning to phone up the mental health clinic I’ve been referred to to ask if they have any cancellation slots available, but keep on forgetting to do that… Ironic…? :sweat_smile:

But reading this thread has made me think that if they don’t have any cancellation slots, I’m not sure I can wait up to 1,5 years to see someone… So might possibly look into a private consultation.

I was wondering if you’d feel comfortable sharing how much a private consultation cost for you? I’d love to see to this quickly, but not in the best of financial situations at the moment so I need to weigh whether I can afford this or just tough it out and wait the wait…

Thanks for any advice! :blush:


Hi Emilia,

I’ve been on the 30mg Elvanse for a little over a week now. It’s still early days, but so far it’s been like night and day. My first couple of days I was a little jittery, but was told to expect that. For the first time in I don’t know how long I’ve got things done and finished jobs. I feel quite calm and not anxious at all. This has helped a lot at work, while I have made a couple of slip ups I haven’t beaten myself up about them like I usually would. Also my impulsive side seems to be surpressed at the moment.

I paid £500 for my ADHD Assessment. I sought out a private assessment partly because I felt time was against me with regards to my work. I came across the Scottish ADHD Coalition website. There is a lot of useful information, also about getting a diagnosis as an adult. It lists some of the pros and cons of getting a private diagnosis. Tonight I started an on-line 6 week ADHD group course run by the coalition. The joining fee for the course was £5, which can be claimed back if I attend 4 out of the 6 weeks.


Thanks for your reply :slight_smile:

Glad to hear the meds are working out well for you!

Definitely get the reasons for going private! I totally would if I could afford it but £500 is something I just don’t have to spare at the moment :disappointed_relieved:

I’m gonna have to whip myself into phoning this clinic now to see if there’s anything they can do to speed up the process…

Edit: Finally got round to phoning the clinic up. Looks like there’ll be at least another 4 months waiting list before me… :sob: and Brexit is happening before that too so who knows how that’s going to affect me as a Finnish national… :confused:


I hope you get your appointment sooner rather than later.:crossed_fingers:t2:

In a little over a week I see my GP for the first time since my diagnosis. So I get a chance to speak with him about treatment going forward.

Keep me posted, I hope it all works out for you.