Hi Newbie


So ive been meaning to post on here but have avoided it as one with ADHD would lol. I got diagnosed last year at uni, but ive always known ive had psychological issues, since iv struggled socially and I have social anxiety disorder. Anyway…ive been struggling recently as I feel like i just take one step forward and two steps backward. since getting into second year of uni (three years here, had to retake first year) ive regressed socially and hobbies/activities wise and fallen back into bad routines ect.

Ive started therapy again but I have not been able to find someone a little bit more speacialist, and my psychotherapits is really only for med presscriptions.

As for friends…havent seen them much this year, either cause of uni work, or me binnging on the internet or something else ment i did not have the time to see them or keep up with my hobbies where i would meet them.

anxeities have increased/returned this year as well

So…If you guys have any Qs for me then go ahead…I know I have quite a few too lol


Hey Mohammed! Welcome to the tribe. What’s crackalacking?

Are you an Aussie? Just guessing by the language you use… I’m in Perth.

So what are you studying? Is it something you are truly interested in? Or is it just an “I need a job” degree?

I would suggest that you try to connect with some of your friends. I really miss many of my old uni friends, and I lost contact with them decades ago. I can’t even remember most of their surnames to try and find them on the web (which was not really a thing when I was at uni).

These days, I basically have zero really good friends, A couple of guys I catch up with from time to time, but we don’t really have much more in common than 30 years of partially shared history (admittedly, that’s a lot of common ground).

But we don’t really talk so much about things which are of interest to me, other than beer and women. And talking about ADHD or mental health with them… Hasn’t really worked out for me.

I know what it’s like when the anxiety stops you from being able to socialise. But if you can, make a bit of an effort. It will get much harder as you get older.


I am looking into stuff for social anxiety, see if that helps

and Iam British lol


That’s OK. It’s not your fault. :grinning:


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Ha ha… It’s been a while since that was true…

I remember singing “God save the Queen” in school as a kid. Doesn’t happen much these days.

Rue the day when Australia finally becomes a world power! We’ll convert everybody to Vegemite, there’ll be a barbecue in every home, and walls of empty beer bottles spanning the globe. Bow to our superiority, lesser mortals!

Oh, and our International Anthem will be “I’d like to have a beer with Duncan” by Lord Slim Dusty.