Hi! Starting first new therapy appointment in years tomorrow


I’ve never been able to maintain a therapeutic relationship before and I’m hoping to get it right this time :muscle: Hoping that peer support can be a piece of that puzzle!

My name is Lindsay, I’m from New York, and the diagnosis is ADHD-PI with co-morbid anxiety and Atypical Depression (or depression w/the ability to have your mood improved by positive events. Not actually at all uncommon)

Especially when you factor in my background as a bright kid, this combination can make for some invalidating therapeutic experiences!!

Think, “your schoolwork is too good when you actually do it, you’re just not trying hard enough.” Or, “If you could manage to stop freaking out about everything, you’d be able to function normally.” Or “You seem like you have a positive attitude and a good ability to see the humor in things. I’m not worried about your ability to manage your depression on your own.”

Meanwhile, I’m over here at 24 with a college degree living on my brother’s coach unemployed since May and barely ever leaving the apartment like :eyes: :eyes:

Ok yeah so some things are good but I could still clearly use some help, here. Lol

In light of my past experiences, I’ve got a TON of anxiety starting this process again!! So I’m putting this here as kind of a good-luck charm. Any positive wishes for this latest therapy adventure being the One That Works are deeply appreciated :heart: Even if you don’t post 'em.

Thanks for reading :blush:


This is gonna be the one, I feel it! :grinning:


Thank you, I hope so!! :hugs::heart:


Hello Lindsay and welcome!

I have never heard of atypical depression before - I love learning something new! I can totally see how that would cause a problem with invalidation though, I’m so sorry you’ve had to struggle with that!

Hope your therapy journey goes well! And hopefully you have the flexibility to change therapists if you don’t like the one you’re with - cause finding a therapist that understands you (cause there is one out there, just gotta find them :grimacing: So much… er… fun?) is definitely super important. :heart:


Thank you Harley!! I really appreciate the warm welcome. :heart:


Update: It went well! She listened really well and didn’t talk down to me, made concrete suggestions, concrete plan for the future, and I left feeling optimistic overall.

Of course, 20 minutes later and my brain really wants to perseverate over the few minor indications there could be trouble in the future… at the expense of the good stuff. But that doesn’t mean the good stuff doesn’t exist. Only time will tell, and sustainable change is usually gradual change!

Holding onto hope and the willingness to do the work of finding another option if this one doesn’t pan out :muscle: And the gratitude that I’m not alone in the struggle, there is a whole community which can understand even if one lady doesn’t <3


Soo glad to hear this went well! And you’re right, if it turns out to not be quite right somewhere down the line, you can find an even better therapist. There are good ones out there!

Sounds like this one is worth staying with for a while though :slight_smile: