Hi there, All!

So, I am a 43 year old guy who was just diagnosed at 39 with combined presentation, though I have felt fairly certain that I have had it for quite a while, and of course looking back, I know it was always there. I still have some of my old elementary school report cards, just full of teachers who liked me and thought that I was super smart, but is not working up to potential, doesn’t pay attention, seems bored, talks too much and needs to do his homework! I’m not super hyperactive, but I am definitely very fidgety.

In my adult life, I have bounced between jobs, somehow usually staying relatively successful, despite always inwardly struggling. I have had jobs that I thought were awesome! . . . for maybe a month or two, when the novelty and excitement wore off. Jobs that are challenging and interesting, but very quickly become very difficult for me to do. An individual task, I can generally handle. Multi-step projects and tasks, oh my goodness. What should I be doing instead of typing this intro? Oy.

So, I did try adderall and concerta for a bit, and they did seem to have some minor concentration improvement, but not enough for me to deal with the side effects. I just scheduled an appointment with a therapist who lists CBT and ADHD in her list of specialties, so fingers crossed there. I’ll talk to her about medication in conjunction with therapy, but I am already on an unrelated medication which is hard on the heart, so adding a powerful stimulant to it makes me nervous. Tachycardia is no fun.

I also have a 19 year old daughter who’s been diagnosed and is definitely struggling. My 21 year old son may very well have it, but he’s not diagnosed and it’s a little more mild than the other two of us, though it does cause him some difficulties.

Anyway, I look forward to getting more into the forums!

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Welcome to the community!

I relate with much of what you shared about your background and the struggles with maintaining interest and motivation at new jobs. I’ve also been relatively successful despite having been undiagnosed until later in life. Unfortunately it’s not that uncommon of an experience, especially for those of us who were successful in school and appeared more inattentive or underperforming.

I’m glad that you’re getting connected with a new provider. With regards to medication, there are a lot of non-stimulant options and even with the stimulants there are several that have minimal cardiac impact. Hopefully you can talk to a prescriber if you end up being interested in trying again. Hopefully the therapy helps. If you do try medication, I’d be specific about what it is you’re hoping it will do. I think that we often think of ADHD medication providing “focus,” but that’s not necessarily the case for everyone. For me, the medication provides a calm mind, the ability to start and finish projects, a reduction in the amount of thoughts and voice in my head, the ability to sit and be present at work and in interactions, and a sense of calm and less anxiety. I still get distracted and I still seek lots of stimulation, but things are definitely more manageable.

Good luck and welcome!