Hi there


Just wanted to stop in to say hi to all the fellow tribe members😁.
On a lighter note I started writing poetry again, although the state of my mind prevents me from posting time I would like😥.
Check it out. Let me know w hd at you think.


Hey Dragon! Belated welcome! :sweat_smile:

Just for future reference, I’ll keep this facebook link up since it’s something I can easily vet, but in the future please contact us before linking to something like that. We tend to avoid allowing self-promotion, just because this is peer-support for ADHD, not a place people should be promoting themselves. BUT, since it’s poetry (really awesome poetry from what I read!), not requesting any financial compensation and Facebook is trustable (well… you know what I mean :joy:) I don’t mind leaving it up. Of course… this is kind of stupid to say since it’s been 30 days, but y’know. Future reference and such. :sweat_smile:

But I really like your writing. :heart: When I’m not at work I’ll hopefully remember to give that a like for ya!


Will do. Apologies if I overstepped.


You’re fine. :slightly_smiling_face:
Just an ‘in the future’ sort of thing. :grin:
Nothing bad. :heart: