I came across this article online and found one of my biggest gifts and challenges, I uae to absolutely believe it was a weakness. But I have learned its a Gift… and if you have this too, let me know how its affected you… or when did you realized you were highly sensitive. Its borderline… RSD.

I can remember as far back as a child. I hated to get in trouble or scalded by someone I loved… especially my mother. The first thing that would happen my eyes would swell with tears…my nose would get red… an emotional pain…
I have a high sense of smell… and I can feel or sense… others emotions… this sounds weird… but I can. If someone is sad…or happy as hell… I can Literally feel that…it can take me there.
I cant watch bad news on TV… cause it Literally causes me real distress like I put myself in there shoes and I cry… i have to be careful mindful. Of what to read and watch… cause it can mess with my feelings real fast.
I also get over things just as fast…like i can cry… with emotion and something or someone makes me laugh and like in an instant I move on… with next emotion… lol
So, anyway … so its good I dont stay down for long… and all though I can empathize with many… More so with parents… because I am a mom myself those subjects are the toughest for me. I LOVE CHILDREN. and well I have 3… so 2 are already grown but damn I miss them as kids… get so sad to look at their kid pictures… it brings me sadness… as if those little people I cant connect to the big version of them, our relationship of mom and daughter changed… lol… I see a huge disconnect from the grown them… Their voices their laughter… innocence and yeah my older daughters are great young ladies. Oh well, as i was mentioning I just hate that I get emotional as if they disappeared … hard to believe those big girls were the sweetest little people that ran around in the house… anyways its Empty Nest syndrome… and its hard for me at times but… I am working on understanding that its just life, and the kids i thought were mine forever are not. They belong to the universe… they are their own beings and its okay.:roll_eyes:

Thanks for reading… i am all over the place with this post and probably going to edit a bunch of times later… but for now… I hope to read anyone else here that has this grand old GIFT… lol



I just can’t get past the family name… It’s one ‘D’ away from Shrek territory…:joy: Now I can read what you wrote. I hope. Sorry…!:sweat_smile:

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Hahahahaha, you’re Right Lord Farquhart…:joy::rofl::rofl::rofl::rofl::rofl: I love that movie.

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nice, thanks for the link !

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