I’m Shanna. I’m so glad I found this community. I’m trying really hard not to type everything with exclamation points. I’ve tried searching for forums geared towards ADHD before but wasn’t crazy about what I found, until now! I found out about the Youtube channel from a friend who just happened to pop into my livestream for a bit and Holy Cow! I found people like meeeee!


Hello Shanna!

Never be afraid to type exclamation points here! I use them all the time! :smiley: They are wonderful little marks! We are glad to have you - and I’m glad we could be the forum you were looking for :grin:


omg I thought that tendency of exclamation marks was just me…

your ‘Hi’ is literally the only way I usually greet people (followed by a hug). Glad to know im not alone!!

I love the enthusiasm of ppl here OMG!! just wish I knew ppl in my area because I always have to downgrade my enthusiasm (and still it is considered too much… :sweat_smile:)




I’m not the hyper type at least not normally but can get pretty enthusiastic and excited when triggered and ya sometimes I have to tune it down not to annoy people but probably just need to surround myself that are on the same mindwaves.


Love it! Exactly how i feel :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:

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I can relate to this.


hehe I’m the same way! also not the hyper type.
I usually just burst with enthusiasm then look around the room and realise “ohn was that too much/weird, okay sorry guys…”

It’s part of the reason why I loved my study abroad in USA so much. Americans are so outspoken en hyper all the time. Especially compared to Europe. I never felt weird or over-the-top. In fact they appreciated and liked who I was when not holding back. Who knew I could be funny when people don’t care about those emotion bursts. :smiley:

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