Hiring a declutterer changed my life!

So I had a declutterer a few months back and I didn’t like her…. I’m the one in the video that has “invisible” piles of stuff everywhere that I just walk around daily.

But it makes cleaning so hard which brings the shame,

I was ok in my last apartment but two weeks after moving into this place mum had to go into a nursing home so I had to take on some stuff I didn’t really have a place for.

Anyway I found a local decluttering service that works with the disabled and mentally ill, grieving etc, and they are trained to be sensitive and I told them about my adhd, and the history of the mess and they totally got it.
And my first session was yesterday and I CAN SEE MY FLOOR!

I’m not a hoarder I was just struggling, they even got through a lot of my paperwork. And they’ll be back next week.

I feel like a weight has been lifted off me, my house could have people in it!

The catch is the huge price. I know how Lucky i am that I can afford it, but… you know I’d skip a holiday to do this. Because my home is so much more serene.,

It’s not perfect, we aren’t there yet, but we are so much closer it’s amazing!!


awesome!!! well done on making that investment and doing all the work along the way!


Thanks! I highly recommend it if anyone recognises the feelings. Just make sure the people are clear about being good with mental health issues and supporting those with disabilities. Just to avoid the pain and shame of someone horrible.

I don’t be able to go on a holiday for a while…. But I will want to be home more.