Hola! 51 year old and just diagnosed 2 weeks ago!

Hello everyone!

Javi here and I have been newly diagnosed with ADHD Combined Presentation. It was a long time until I decided to open my mind and ask why my life was filled with so many questions. One night I came across the Ted Talk that Jessica McCabe did and I sobbed. I realized that I had felt like such a loser in life. Binge drinker. Money Problems. Sex. Dropping out of College every time I have tried to go back. This year I am getting married to the most amazing and loving soul I could have never wished for. My life is becoming more and more clear as the days go by. I am going to go to see my Dr. this coming week and I will be starting treatment. I hope all goes well and although I know getting the perfect meds takes time. It is a journey I am gladly undertaking.


I got diagnosed this year too (I’m 34). I did hear that a lot of people over 50 and 60 gets diagnosed too, which of course is awesome that we’ve gotten so far when it comes to recognizing ADHD symtoms that maybe for just 10-15 years ago was hard to recognize and diagnose!
I will start therapy this year too and I’m curious and hopeful (I haven’t felt hopeful for A LOT of years. I recognize your struggles a lot)

Thank you for sharing.

Hola hola! Am now 53, got diagnosed at 41 years old. Welcome to the brainiac club! :slight_smile:

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Hi , welcome. thanks for letting us get to know you!