Holding onto frustration without stressing out?

I want to talk to my girlfriend about something that is frustrating me, but I won’t get to see her until tomorrow. How do I manage my emotions without forgetting to bring it up when I see her?

I’m annoyed about something that happened while we were spending time together yesterday, but I decided to wait until I could sort my thoughts before saying anything. Now my thoughts feel more sorted on the matter and I’m ready to talk about it. Unfortunately, I won’t see her until tomorrow evening.

On the one hand, I need to manage my dysregulated emotions. On the other hand, that might lead me to forget to bring this up or to feel like I should just let it go. So what can I do to make sure I remember to have the conversation with her without allowing myself to simmer with frustration?? Any tips?

Oh that’s a really good one… Could you write it down? And maybe what you want to hold onto isn’t the frustration per se but the desire to improve the situation and prevent future annoying scenarios. I hope you have that talk with her and that it goes well!