I’ve been thinking about doing homework for three days and just now I’ve done all of it, except math because no idea about that, and I need to know if yall have any good strategies to be able to do things on time, I struggle with deadlines so that doesn’t work.


Post a notice on the wall where you will see it while doing your assignments . . . with a reward for meeting each deadline!

Whatever award is attractive, readily available and achievable!

Reward yourself before working toward the next deadline.



I suggest watch this video!

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I wish that I had good advice on this. In primary school, I did as much homework as possible when I had time to in class, and on the long bus ride that I had. In secondary school, I did as much homework as possible between classes. (As soon as I would get home and put my backpack down, I would forget that I had homework. Out of sight, out of mind.)

Make sure that you have a visible reminder of the homework that you have to do. You have to figure out what works for you.
• Maybe put the work where you will see it.
• Maybe use a check list (which is something that helped me when I had to write reports in school.

Being accountable to someone else might help. If you can have someone to check-in with (on your terms), it might help. Some people work best with a “study buddy” or a “body double”, so that they are not working alone.

Try the “Pomodoro Technique”. Using a timer, commit to working for a certain amount of time, then take a short break, then working again. (For example, 25 minutes working, 5 minute break, 25 minutes working, 5 minute break, and so on…)

Set reminders for yourself. Maybe make yourself a schedule.
• Given my poor memory, I now set alarms on my phone to remind me to do things. I have a note taking app which I use (Google Notes), which lets me add alarms. I use this so much that I call my phone my “digital memory”. (That’s a computer joke, because I work in the Technology career field.)