Hoping to find people who can relate.

I am trying to study as a mature student, I am a single mum with neuro diverse kids and I am struggling. I want this study and this career so much, but I am struggling to find a way through my brain. It feels like my brain keeps getting caught in fly traps, then I start moving forward and I have to focus on keeping my kids ok. I am overwhelmed and struggling to figure this out. Being that I am undiagnosed and I can’t get diagnosed for a while yet, I don’t have the help of medication, plus I don’t have family support with this. I have a few great friends. It can be isolating and rough to keep moving forward when your brain feel so trapped and you don’t have the extra support. I do try to push myself and I have done a lot and moved forward a lot including losing about 50kg in the last 18 months, I’ve also done a lot for my mental health as well (as much as I can). The positives don’t change my fears and doubts, they can consume me. I keep trying though, I haven’t given up. Do other people understand this at all? I am trying to not feel so alone in this.


You can be sure that we can understand. Maybe not all of us can understand all, but all of us can understand at least some of what you’ve been through and what you’re going through.

You are most definitely not alone. We’ve got fellow ADHD :brain: Brains :brain: here from all around the world to help and uplift each other.

Great for you, try be going to school. As my friend Barry from @Brooklyn in this forum has said, “it’s never too late to go back to school.”

I sailed through K-12 school, with only a little struggle in high school. College was a totally different matter. I was undiagnosed, so I didn’t understand where my struggles came from. After 5 schools and 5 majors, 9 years of college spread over 22 years, I still having finished a degree. Now that I know about my ADHD, am on medication, and know how to get the help I might need, whenever I go back to school I think I’ll finally earn my degree.

I’m a newly-single (just divorced) dad with kids I presume to be undiagnosed ADHD, I’m struggling in my own way. Some things are finally starting to fall into place. Trust that it will happen. I keep reminding myself to look for the good in the situation, look for the lessons in the struggles.

Early in the COVID pandemic, I finally sought counseling for oppressive anxiety and an assessment guy ADHD. I had to wait a few months for an opening on the counselor’s schedule, and almost two months more for her to give me a diagnosis (but the good counseling I received in the meantime was much needed). Just the confirmation of getting a diagnosis was very affirming. It was worth the wait. Getting on medication has been life-changing for me.

I hope that a way forward to a diagnosis and treatment opens up for you.

Good friends can be the best support. Close, dedicated friends can be like family, but even better in that they choose to have a relationship with you. I hope that they can help uplift you and speak truth to you just when you need it.

And there’s the proof that you can do this…you haven’t given up, you keep trying.

Life doesn’t stop when you’re overwhelmed. It will just run over you and keep going. The important thing to know about yourself is that you are strong. You can endure. Undoubtedly, the struggles in life have knocked you down time and time again, but each time you have gotten back up again, for your kids’ sake and for your own sake. You get up even when it feels impossible, because you have to, because you can.

You’ve come this far. I have a feeling that you’re gonna go a lot farther in life, too.

If your school or affiliated groups have any way to help you, look into it. If the school has a testing center, or a school psychologist who can assess you for ADHD, go for it!

Show yourself, your kids, your friends, your school and the world what you’re capable of!

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Thank you so much for that. Honestly you can relate to quite a bit. I really appreciate everything you said, I needed that today. It sounds like you understand the struggles of life, with the added bonus of ADHD.
I do have a psychologist, I haven’t seen her for a few months, she is on maternity leave. I will be seeing her again soon.
My friends are there, one of them will often tell me she will kick my butt if I give up on myself again hahaha. My friends are great and very honest, I appreciate that.
You are very encouraging and kind. Thank you. It made me emotional reading what you wrote.

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