How can I not boil in summer?

Here in the U.K. there’s a bit of a heatwave which is Fun.

I normally sleep with quite a thick duvet (so it’s nice and heavy) but coz of the warmth, I can’t without melting. I try and sleep with just the sheet but struggle coz I find it’s just too thin and doesn’t feel heavy enough.

I don’t have enough money for a weighted blanket (and have no clue how I’d justify that purchase to my parents lol).

Any advice?

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Change your pajamas? Or fill a pillowcase with something heavy like rice or coins and have that as a weight while you use the sheets.

I have this too. I have managed to find a middle ground this week with a fleece blanket on top of the empty duvet cover I’m using as a sheet. If I get too hot in the middle of the night I peel back a layer and put it back a bit later.

I am also wondering if you could weigh down the edges of the sheet with those clip on weights meant for tablecloths. They should be a lot cheaper than a weighted blanket, try the pound shop?

And my third idea is: try an empty duvet cover instead of a sheet? I currently have a satiny cotton one from ikea, not incredibly cheap but but not incredibly expensive either. The smoothness of the material has a kind of cool (as in not warm) feel, and the double thickness helps with it feeling less ‘weightless’.

Since the UK has been plunged into the seventh circle of hell and will be there for a little while, I’ve found a workaround for this exact issue which works for me.

I’ve been just wrapping my regular duvet around one part of me, usually my upper chest. I just hold it tight under my armpits and leave the rest of me uncovered. This seems to help somewhat, although obviously isn’t as nice as being wrapped up, it’s still better than nothing. You could do it for whatever part of your body likes the pressure the most. You could even have a couple different sheets, or use a pillow cover for example around your ankles if that helps.

Also, having your feet outside the covers is the most important part as cooling your feet will make the rest of your body feel cooler.

Tbh though, nytol has helped me too. I struggle to sleep at the best of times and nytol combined with good sleep hygiene has helped me get more than 2 hours sleep a night. Nytol is designed for temporary use and you can get it over the counter.

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Oooh! Like the weight on one bit thing! For me that is actually my feet though. If my feet have less weight on them than the rest it feels all kinds of wrong! :joy:

However, I accept the cooling off thing as it’s probably science and last night my wife brought a bucket of cold water into the caravan (it was 37 degrees still and 11pm!!) and I put my feet in there a couple of times. That cooled me down enough to pull the duvet cover over me (weighted down just by my feet with a pillow!) and get to sleep. We also had all the windows open (with mosquito nets closed) and a desktop fan which we allowed to run all night.

Try tucking your sheet in super tight, so you can barely slide in from the top. I’ve seen sheets that are a stretchy loop that goes around called compression sheets. This may be a cheaper solution?

if you have a freezer in the house take any empty plastic bottles you have and fill them up and let them freeze overnight. you can use them in essence like a cold water bottle by hugging them and as they melt you can also use them gradually for rehydration (also melts quicker if you continually refill them with water whilst it melts). I always make sure to put a new one in the freezer when i take one out so i have a constant supply also.

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Hi Kettu,

Great idea! I had never heard of this until this year, then in the really hot weather last month my wife presented me with a cold water bottle (just from the fridge). It worked! :grinning:

I have my bags on the bottom of my bed filled with text books that act as weights. During the heatwave I rolled my duvet up so that the bulk of it was below my knees, so i had all the weight on the bottom of my legs, which I found helped a bit.

But also having to sleep in shorts was blah;;; I couldn’t find a fix for not being able to wear actual pj’s. T w T heatwave was hell.

If you own a hot water bottle, next time, fill one with ice. The weight of the water/ice will be nice. And the cold temp will help cool you down!