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Raúl Eduardo Vazquez


My name is Raul, I am from Monterrey México, I’m 39 years old, I was diagnosed with ADHD at a rehab centre 2 years ago, but commenced to research about ADHD two months ago, I don’t have any children, I studied arquitecture but didnt finish I have a 7th Dan black belt degree in Taekwondo and have intermittently, been working as a; English as a second Language, Teacher for the last 20 years here in México. But have never been consiste and have been from job to job as a fitness instructor, call centre representative, hotel front desk clerk as well as other intermittent jobs.
I Have always wondered why I’m so weird: Since I was little, dont know if its just me but Ive had the truman syndrome since I wad 5 years old; I believed that all the world and people around me where actors or faking an act and that everyone was in on it (Life) except for me.
I like to study about archeological history, etymomogies, languages like; french, greek latín sanskrit and Nahuatl, Meditation, Hindu cultures and religion, Yoga, Sports, swimming, MMA(have competed semipro about 5 times) Meditation, budhism, ancient Religions don’t believe in them anymore but most definitely know there is a God.

On the contrary I also started hanging out with street gangs in my adolescence which lead me to problems like, addiction, kleptomania, legal problems been in jail, and problems with significant others. Now at least and last I have an explanation to all this mischievous, irresponsible, impulsive and irrational behavior, all those times my parents would sit me down a d preach about my wasted talent and why I was so stubborn as to listen to Reason. I know ADHD is only an explanation not a justificación. And that everyone has it but not to the degree that we ADHDer brains do.


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