How do I stop grazing?

So I get super snacky after school or doing hwk or coming home from work and sometimes there isn’t a meal plated directly afterwards (i.e. its being made or its a while off yet).

I try to eat something when I feel like that (not enough that I won’t eat the next meal but enough that I’m not actively hungry coz if I don’t eat quickly enough once I start feeling like that, I get stomachaches) but my parents don’t like it and want me to eat at set mealtimes only or only have minimal snacks in-between.

How do I stop grazing or get my parents to understand why I do it?


Ugh I feel your pain!! I try to have a “mini meal” that will hold me off until there’s real food and that generally works as long as it’s easy to make. The way I explain to my parents is “ I’m hungry every few hours, so I eat less meals more frequently” hope this helps :grin: