How do you deal with impatience?

How do you deal with being impatient? I’m not talking about the “Just tell me what you want already so I can get this transaction done and move on to the next person.” I’m talking about “When is my turn for that? Why did you pick him over me when I’m a better candidate?” I have been on so close to get a promotion twice. I shouldn’t take it as a slight. I should believe that the hiring manager had a reason to believe that he/she found a better candidate for the job. But it feels like such a slight when I didn’t even get beat out by a person in the building; they bypassed all of us for someone who wanted to transfer to a different store. Being the Brain that sometimes (or more frequently at times) has trouble controlling outbursts, I said out loud in earshot of the Assistant General Manager of the store (who I didn’t know was around the corner), “Do they hate us?! It isn’t even someone from our store…AGAIN!!”

  1. Do you have any tips for controlling your outbursts?
  2. Do you have any ways that you make yourself more patient in waiting for something good/big?

I guess the first step is becoming self aware and that you already are. Next I would take a moment and think about the places situations time when you have acted out in the way you would not like too. Then prepare yourself for next time. If you can catch yourself before the act was made then give yourself something different to focus on maybe your breath or counting or singing a song in your head until that uncomfortable moment passes. The more you practice hopefully it will stop.
From your post it sounded like you wanted a position that was available and it wasn’t given to you. It also sounded like you have had this happen before and it’s pissing you off. Have you thought about finding a new job? That can be very scary and feel impossible thinking about it but what if you got fired tomorrow you’d have to find a new job. So what’s stopping you from going out there and truing something new you might find a place that’s a better fit for you and can be so much happier

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