How do you guys procrastinate?


Okay so procrastination sucks and it’s really not great. Ever. But… humour me.

What are your guys’ ‘favourite’ ways to procrastinate? Tbh I really love going through the ‘productivity’ section on the App Store coz there’s loads of cool looking and interesting apps in there (also it’s literally called productivity, therefore its somewhat relevant to what I’m trying to achieve… right?)
Also YouTube. The biggest rabbit hole I’ve ever fallen down and it just??? Keeps going??

So yeah. Those are the two ways I generally end up procrastinating. What about you guys?


I’ll tell you later


I’ll have to think about it…


Sometimes I end up doing a mundain task just so I don’t have to do the original mundain task i’m actually supposed to do lol
YouTube is the real time killer though, the irony of procastinating by searching for YouTube videos on how to avoid procastinating


YouTube and Netflix are high contenders. I also play a lot of solitaire on my phone.


You guys are gonna hate me for showing this but I love this “Grand Illusions” youtube channel that shows off toys from Tim Rowett’s collection. I can watch a few of this videos and then I have to stop – it’s like eating too many candies all at once! Example video:

I may still have this toy somewhere… Fiddle toys are great because you can take a short break and then get back to work.


I’ve procrastinated hw with other hw before. (specifically using cs homework, I find our assignments to be pretty fun)




Wait, you guys need stuff to procrastinate with?

I mean, i do stuff as well, but otherwise i am perfectly capable of losing whole hours doing nothing. Well, maybe not nothing: thinking, staring at the ceiling (i do that less since textured ceilings went out of fashion, but we have ‘plain white’ textured wallpaper…)


I procrastinate daily like right now, I’m at work & have no enthusiasm to do anything so I’m sitting in my little caged off area reading the forum lol. I’ll probably sit here and look around the site Then refresh the page like 30 times till I find something else to steal my attention so I can procrastinate some more.


Today I had my first appointment with my coach. I think I can get on with her, which is a good start.

And I have just set the :egg: timer for five minutes to play on here. That’s a first! I hope i really stop after 5 minutes…
Ok, that was 15 :zipper_mouth_face:
(this egg timer doesn’t seem to work for just 5 minutes! Instead of an alarm, it just stopped ticking, which i apparently didn’t notice for 5 minutes. Then I set it for another 5 just to check. Then wrote this :see_no_evil: Now will just add a link to another thread and really really do what’s on my list.

(the app froze again. I have been working for an hour and a half)


I’m a ceramic artist and I tend to procrastinate by creating other work that has nothing to do with the order I have to get done. If I have an order for mugs I spend my time making bowls or anything else, then rush to get the mugs done a month or so later. Household chores is a big distraction for me. It’s like a rabbit hole and before I know it I’ve spent my whole day cleaningand not what I needed to do.


Are we all procrastinating on this forum right now? :joy::joy::joy:

I read. I check my Facebook. I love food, so snacking gives me a little dopamine fix to get me back to where I need to be. I will actually procrastinate while writing by constantly rewriting what I already wrote! Sometimes I just do nothing because I can’t bring myself to do anything else.




:joy::joy::joy: I am calling this a healthy way to procrastinate. You folks make me feel good!


Literally what I’m doing rn pretty much lol. I have an English essay due tomorrow and you can bet I haven’t done it yet


Sometimes I clean my room…No joke! And staying on the computer HA!!


I am the same way! I will do other mundane tasks. If I need to fold clothes, I will mop the floors. If I need to laundry I will clean the kitchen. If I need to do my budget I will organize my papers. You know, everything gets done, just not when its supposed to.

Netflix, HBOGo, Amazon Prime, Youtube Music…all distracters…


I drive. A lot. By the time I get home it’s very late and I’m too tired to do anything so all of the chores get left for yet another day. Is it addictive or just plain avoidance? I’d say both.


Spent the whole day avoiding doing anything useful, feel like a waster now.