How do you guys procrastinate?


boy (or girl)
I’m a pro in this shit.
Studying one week before the exam ? nah.
Studying the night before `cause you have a gaming addiction and haven’t done smth?
That’s my thing.
It ends up most in learning the whole night. When I’m lucky I can sleep an hour if I’m not… well guess I don’t sleep.
So how do I procrastinate ?
Gaming, YouTube etc. or I simply find something i rather do than the thing I should do.
So I don’t really need tips for procrastinate. I need tips to prevent me from doing it.


Youtube,Facebook, and are where I procrastinate.


Usually internet or cleaning.

Every time I want to clean the house cuz company is coming over I start with doing ALL the laundry, file papers (a never ending task that I just eventually give up on), clean my master bathroom & bedroom,…and then 30 minutes before they are to arrive I hurry to clean up the rooms they’ll actually see & throw my now filthy sweaty self in the shower. Every time.


I have procrastinated on homework by doing housework. Now that I have no homework I use phone games and YouTube.


Yes I am indeed procrastinating as I check out this forem. I don’t work so I do tend to spend a lot of time on YouTube, binge watching Netflix, checking social media, etc. Right now I’m obsessed with painting rocks (small kindness type). I can get so hyperfocused with this that I get absolutely nothing important done, sometimes forgetting to eat or move.


It’s when I want to do something, I do it there and then. Twitter often times grabs my attention. Often times I go for painting or reading stuff but it doesn’t last long.

 YouTube used to be my procrastination spot but I deleted the app from my phone and just a month ago or so I downloaded it again but thankfully it's not like the same as before. 

Nonetheless I find it hard to be productive all the time.


Reading stuff on Quora, mainly about being productive, ADHD, career advice. When I’m tired of reading I just swap to YouTube.


Facebook, cleaning at a level no one actually needs to clean at, and research. I am always looking up answers for things I don’t actually need to.


Of course not…


Amazon, articles online, new apps, and fourms like this place. Today I was supposed to get ready at 10 and be at my neighbors house by 11 to water plants. I never got ready just left my house as Is. 12:30 started watering, I guess that’s not too bad


We are not procrastinating; we are researching!


Did you know there’s a researcher called Korthagen who your name reminds me of every time I see your posts? :sweat_smile:

Most of his work is on self-reflection as a means to improving your teaching style, but recently he has published some stuff on academic procrastination, how serendipitous!


Literally “nah, ill do it later”


@Lustforlife, how funny! Prof. dr. Korthagen seems quite learned and well known in his field and even has an institute named after him. Though I hadn’t heard of him before. I suspect we have very little in common. Any real research I do is usually out of interest or as an avoidance technique! I read his academic procrastination paper and noticed he doesn’t mention ADHD even once!


Haha I love to read on Quora about life and career stuff. Spend at least an hour on that every other day at least.


I use the bathroom


I know that an earlier paper on academic procrastination didn’t particularly help me as knowing that I do it has never been enough to prevent it. This morning I found a fairly recent one on low, middle and high rates of procrastination and started reading it but then had to do other stuff before finishing it.

I was wondering, indeed, if he mentioned ADHD. On the one hand kind of strange that he doesn’t, on the other hand, he works mainly with teacher trainers (ie people who teach teachers how to teach), and a lot of adults have undiagnosed adhd. I guess by not mentioning it, he doesn’t differentiate between heavy duty procrastinators with adhd and those without, and this should increase any benefit for non-adhd and not yet aware of their adhd procrastinators. As long as they don’t come up with solutions that would be unworkable for Brains, I don’t think I mind.


I procrastinate by getting distracted all the time. This is how it goes:

Lemme make math. (Looks at one excersize). “Damn, this will take effort. I don’t wanna take effort… hey nice song! (Starts blaring along with the music for 10 minutes). “Maybe I should really get into my homework.” (Looks into the book again), wait a second that mosquito is really driving me crazy. Lemme kill it. (Takes 30 minutes to chase after a mosquito to kill it). “Okay homework.” (Tries to focus on homework. Then the iPad lits up bc of a notification from a game). “Ohhh been Waitjng for thay all the time!” (Opens the game and then accidentally hyperfocusses on the game. “Damn I spent 3 hours trying to do my homework. Now I have to go to bed.” (Sees interesting story on google). “Oehhh lemme see this!” (Reads the whole story, so now I’m procrastinating on both homework and going to bed)

Yeah that’s how it goes all the time. That’s also how I stayed up all night this night. I accidentally hyperfocussed on reading. I started at like 1 am. Suddenly it’s almosf 7 am. Oops…


I am currently procrastinating using this website, I should stop, my speech is coming soon :p. Wish me luck >.<


I love researching about stuff that for whatever reason has triggered something in my mind, usually something completely unrelated to the thing I’m supposed to be doing.