How do you know when the meds are working?


I know that no one here is a DR, but I’d like to get feedback about your own medication experiences. I am currently on Vyvanse 30mg, and not noticing any changes. I also take 40mg Viibryid for MDD and Anxiety. At night I take Lunesta and Ativan because I suffer with horrible insomnia. I literally STAY in a constant state of exhaustion. I wake up with my husband every morning at 530, and by the time he leaves at 630, I’m thinking of all that I want/need to get done, and then my brain shuts down completely and is like NOPE. YOU NEED SLEEP. I end up laying back down until my son gets up around 8ish, get him squared away, then fall back asleep again. It’s like I just can NOT hold my eyes open. This was a problem before Vyvanse, and my Dr and I were hoping that it would help give me a nudge, but so far, nothing. I don’t see what it’s doing for my ADHD symptoms at all. I go back to her on the 6th, so I’m just waiting to see if anything improves by then.
Being diagnosed as an adult is extremely hard, in my personal opinion. It changes everything. I have so many answers as to why things were always different for me. But now to get it under some sort of control is proving harder than I expected.


Even with meds, I still have the capacity to feel sleepy as a
head-in-sand tactic. It’s not deliberate, and it feels real, but deep down i often know it’s because I’m avoiding stuff :confused:

I have no idea if this is the same for you, but I have heard many times from professionals that medication works best in combination with other stuff like coaching or therapy.


Um stimulants are supposed to keep you awake


Yes ADHDers on ADHD drugs should be In therapy. That’s how it works


So far, on the dose I am currently one, not the case lol


I have had the sleep thing even with increased dosage. I hope you are able to discuss therapy or coaching with your doctor.


Oh no. That’s not good. How did you overcome it?
I am not opposed to therapy, but my husband’s work schedule doesn’t really allow me time to go regularly. I homeschool my son, and we don’t really have friends or family within an hour of us.


I take Methylphenidate (Ritalin) and i can feel it pretty much in my whole body. It feels lighter, the thoughts are starting to calm down and my mood gets better. Even more than on antidepressants (SSNRI). The rebound on the other hand is pretty bad. Also my sleep has gotten worse. Tomorrow i am raising the doseage from 20mg retarded per day to 40mg retarded per day. Maybe this will change something but i also am a bit afraid of raising it… maybe the sleep will get even worse, which i dont really need right now.

I feel you. It is the same for me. Now that i know whats wrong, i don’t really know where to start to get the control over my adhd but then again, i just started medication so future will tell, i guess. My best wishes to you! :slight_smile:


Thank you! Today was a decent day as far as being able to get up and make myself somewhat useful. I’m afraid that is also sadly due to the fact that my husband’s childhood best friend died in a horrific car accident Saturday night, and I’m trying to keep myself in check for him.


Oh no, how awful :frowning: My condolences.

I guess we’re good in a crisis, huh? Not nice that that is the reason for your being galvanised into action though.

You asked earlier how I got over the sleep thing. Unfortunately I can’t say yet if I have or not: it’s still pretty much early days for me. I am having therapy for the comorbid OCPD but coaching for the ADHD behaviour doesn’t start until next week.

(but YAY, I finally have a coach!)


My head slowed down a bit on my lowest dose and when that was doubled my head felt “normal” in the sense that it was not racing. I could follow a train of thought, finish things I was doing, impulse anything stopped happening, my emotions are stable.

I am glad that I said yes to try medication. No regrets.


If your meds are working, you won’t have to ask. When you titrated Ativan, the correct dose was that which yielded the desired outcome-sleep. The same is true for ADHD. Better symptom management and emotional regulation will just happen when the appropriate dose is administered. Therapy is an individual preference. There is no right or wrong. There is only what works for you.