how do you reward yourself?

I just made my routines on the brili app featured in the new video and I’m excited to use it! I think initially my reward will be just playing with the app and getting to swipe on the tasks. Buuuut for the long-term I’m having trouble coming up with a reward that is do-able that will actually motivate me immediately. There aren’t any good coffee shops on my way to work anyway but I feel like a cookie or latte every day isn’t compatible with my health and financial goals. I like the idea of reading time as a reward for getting to bed on time at night, but too distracting in the morning right before I have to be socially on for work.

I’d love to hear how you all motivate yourselves to put pants on when you wake up :slight_smile:


oof I’d also love to hear how people motivate! My motivation is pretty much playing on my phone in bed until my final alarm goes off and I’m going to be later for work. Fear is pretty motivating. :laughing:


I litteraly use stickers :joy:

No but seriously. I use stickers to reward myself. And also, I have these cards that are black. When you scratch on them there’s pretty colors coming out. So I use those as my reward too. Then if I have that many stickers or cards I get a bigger reward like a simple YouTube video or a break. That’s how I do it. But I’m still searching what really motivates me sometimes. Crossing off things is exciting too :joy:


Ooh! I love the scratch card idea, that sounds fun. I think I’ve seen those before? Is it a surprise when you scratch it or do you already know what’s underneath except for the colours? Haha it’s almost like those lottery tickets that you scratch

Yeah it’s only those colors. But it really excites me because I looooove colors :joy::joy::joy:

And the beautiful thing is: you can scratch down what you did well. Then I put it in this, what I call it, ‘reward box’. If I ever feel like a failure, I just have to look at all the cards I put in that box to see what I achieved. That way I can feel less like a failure. At the very moment I’m procrastinating though cause I got distracted by this website :sweat_smile:

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Oh and also, if the box is full, I get a bigger reward. I don’t have money struggles so I like to reward myself with an order from wish for instance. Cause I looooove wish :joy::joy::joy:

The first picture is an example of what I just achieved and wrote down. The second picture is the box that I made/used to put all these cards in. That way I only have to take one out from the bottom. I only still need to decorate it as you see. It’s been like a month or more… :sweat_smile:
And the last pic is an example of how the card looks like when I didn’t scratch on it yet


Cute! Thanks for sharing the photos. It’s funny you mention wish because I just learned what that was today

Hahahaha that’s late :joy::joy::joy:
Sorry no offense. I just Find it funny

And you’re welcome :grin:

This is a great question!

Can confirm, stickers are amazing. I’ve created a bunch of sticker charts for myself and they work amazingly!

Another thought I had concerning rewards, was that I’ve found that allocating time at home to play a favourite videogame or watch a movie often doesn’t end up happening for me because I either don’t give it enough importance or completely procrastinate and forget to do it…

I had an idea that saving money to go and force yourself to spend time especially dedicated to YOU such as going to the movies, getting a massage, eat out, can be very effective.

It’s a very expensive reward system for sure, so maybe it could be used as a sometimes thing

@Bubbles17 haha what can I say, I’m behind the times 🤷

@assynj see that’s what my partner suggested! Like save up for something I want to get, a treat for the weekend, etc… but I think the idea behind rewards is that you’re supposed to get it Right Away! because it has to trigger the dopamine that neurotypical people would get from just doing the thing. I might try the sticker thing because both you and Bubbles seem to find it helpful but I have to admit I’m a bit skeptical :laughing:

Yeah that is definitely a struggle when the thing you REALLY want is a long car ride away or needs time to save up. I feel that!

I can tell you from experience that I’ve learnt food might not be the best idea either…

The more I think about this thread, the more I get sucked down the rabbit hole… I was just thinking re: your quote:

It is extremely hard to find inexpensive rewards that you can get immediately after doing something… So it would be great if there were a way to do both - e.g. stickers incorporated into a bigger system where x amount of stickers = a bigger reward.

That way you don’t lose out because you get a sticker either way, and whether you get a bigger reward at the end of the week depends on how many stickers you get, so you need to race yourself to see how many you can get.

Another idea someone once told me was that she rewards herself for a good round of study with a nice pen to add to her collection…

Okay now I’m done!

Excited to see what other ideas find their way onto this thread :slight_smile:

That’s the exact reason why I use stickers. The only problem I Find atm is: I forget them :joy::joy:

I think the issue with stickers for me is that I don’t really feel like putting a sticker on a chart is a reward for me… It feels more like wasting stickers! :joy: But I do like the idea of keeping track of your successes to get something bigger once in a while.

As for the immediate reward, I had an idea, which is kind of related to your friend’s pen collection! I really like making things, so I was thinking if I do my whole morning routine quickly enough with at least 5 minutes to spare before I have to leave for work, I can make myself a little notepad using computer paper and scrap cardstock. I found the instructions on how to make these in a book about binding your own books and they’re pretty neat, I think (If anyone is interested let me know and I post more details) I like how, similar to the pen, it’s a tangible thing I can have, so I feel like my shopping brain lights up— but I don’t have to buy anything! And if I end up with too many notepads I can always give them away.

This would probably work for any sort of craft that you can easily pick up and out down, and isnt too messy. Off the top of my head I can think of beaded jewelry, origami pieces (maybe cranes?) that you can collect in a jar, knitting… I think there is an addictive quality to a lot of crafts, which is ripe for exploitation here :smiling_imp:


oh yeah I love crafting myself. Hence why I made a complete reward system. I had to craft to make it :stuck_out_tongue:

Please post more information about how you make the little note pads!! That sounds like such a great idea :heart_eyes::heart_eyes::heart_eyes:

Well, how I made it:

For the sticker system you can obviously buy your own stickers, but you can also make them yourself.
NOTE: If you don’t feel like reading the whole thing, there’s also YouTube tutorials on this.

Print out some figures or objects or quotes that you want to be your stickers (make sure to print out enough of them though. And save that document for later when you need to refill). Make sure the stickers aren’t too big though (I made that mistake…). Then you can cut these stickers out. Take a BIG sheet of parchment paper. Cover it all with tape. Then you can line out all the stickers on the parchment paper covered with tape. When you did that you need to cover the parchmentpaper and the stickers on it with tape again. So the layers would be: Parchment paper, tape, stickers, tape. Then you can cut your stickers out again. Make sure to leave a (small) border of parchment around it. Or else it won’t work. I made my own stickercharts. But that’s up to you. That’s just measuring, drawing lines with a ruler, and decorating it the way you want.

NOTE: that was the sticker part
The achievement box (that card scratching thing) can’t be found on YouTube.
I just took 2 boxes that I don’t really use for anything anymore and decorated them. I have one small box and a bigger box. And honestly, I bought the cards that I can scratch. But I wouldn’t find it weird if there’s a tutorial on YouTube where you can get a similar result. I did have to cut them down in half. I had an empty popcorn box that I cut out a whole at the bottom (the bottom of one of the sides. Not the actual bottom). I put them in there, and that way I can pull them out from the bottom. Note: I didn’t decorate the popcornbox yet. It will happen in the future. But god knows when :sweat_smile: :sweat_smile: :sweat_smile:

Btw, I also have a positivity jar. I like to stay positive. So at the end of the day (if I don’t forget) I write down something postitive that happened that day on a sticky note, I fold it in half, and throw it in the jar. It’s a gigantic jar. But I love it. You can see it filling up. When it’s full, I get a reward too.

I’ll try and see if I can find YouTube video’s to help y’all.

I would almost want to start a YouTube channel to help out people with ADHD. But we already have one. This forum isn’t here for nothing :joy::joy:

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Okay here are the YouTube video’s:

This is how you make stickers with parchment paper:

Here is a tutorial on the scratching cards:

I scratch the reward I got in myself. There’s no words behind the scratch layer. But I think it’s best to use the method to put words or anything behind the scratch layers in this to get a good effect. I know by experience that, if you scratch acrylic paint of, it doesn’t come off the way you want to. It’s stubborn (I paint a lot :stuck_out_tongue:)

Note: I forgot to say that, especially the stickers, take a while to make them. But it does save you money. But hey, when you’re done you can reward yourself by immediately using them. What I like to do when I craft and it takes long is listen to a book or movie or interview or anything. Just something you can listen to in the mean time. I’m busy with the harry potter series atm. When I craft I love to listen to the books when I’m crafting.

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Nevermind me I’m just sitting here wondering what I could make my own scratch cards for!

Thanks for sharing these videos!