How does exercise help you?

So, how does exercising help you? What part of your ADHD does exercising improve or help you deal with better?

I’m not really sure I can identify how or if it helps me. But I do know that I often feel addicted to the physical activity and sense of urgency that accompanies it at my job. You’re physically involved all day long at a landscape / irrigation company.

I also run two to three times per week. Gathering the motivation for that is difficult after a day with a physically-laborious job, but somehow I manage. I’m not even on meds yet, only copious quantities of caffeine via hot chocolate and black tea.

Yeah, not sure how it helps me.

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I’m not very physically active right now, but when I have been in the past it helps me burn off some of the energy that keeps me restless and allows me to be more attentive and present in things later. It can also backfire, though, as when I exercise I have more energy and want to maintain my exercise momentum which can make it hard to sit still or not be doing something in the evening.

Exercise may also allow me a way to multitask such as watching something or listening to music while walking, or practicing a presentation while walking and pacing.

Regular exercise also helps give me structure and a routine. Routine helps me stay organized and manage some of my ADHD symptoms of disorganization and inattentiveness.


When I do aerobic exercise, I use a stationary exercise bike in my house, it helps keep my depression (and some anxiety) under control. Definitely helps me!


I run on a tredmill and it helps me a ton cause when i get supper anxoisu my legs musscles will feel siezed up.
In terms of helping my adhd now I dont really know yet ,…
BUT when i was younger in 4th-8th grade (currently in college) I had after school sports which ment when I got home one I was tried but my brain was awake enought to do my hw, two I was hungry which was good cause i came home around dinner and 3 it helped me sleep becasue I was so exhusted.
the after school sports I did
Fall season: Cross country
Winter Season: Swimming or during winter break going to go skiiing with the family (I live in a place with snow so its called going up north)
Spring season: I played softball for a while then i got borde switched to track and feild then got borde and switch back to softball
Summer time: I went to overnight camp for the enteir summer so 7 weeks of summer camp. this camp had two sessions of 31/2 weeks each so that is where seven came from.
So yah.


I started to enjoy a workout body weights, i think also its a genuine sense of achievment/acclompishment i rarely get from anything else


Exercise is a very good thing for anyone, but it has particular benefits for people with ADHD. According to a whole bunch of studies, such as this one (Meeusen, R., De Meirleir, K. Exercise and Brain Neurotransmission, Sports Med, Issue 20, 160–188 (1995)) or a whole lot of others that I can’t be bothered citing, exercise releases or elevates a load of neurotransmitters.

That includes the various neurotransmitters associated with positive moods, particularly serotonin and norepinephrine, to substances targeted by antidepressants, but most importantly for us it also includes our beloved dopamine, the lack of which seems to be responsible for our problems with maintaining consistent focus.

Also, yes, that exercise is addictive. Your brain is accustomed to that release of neurotransmitters, so if you go without exercise for a week you’ll probably feel really down and miserable. But there are much, much worse things to get addicted to, like heroin, or being a know-all on public forums.

So I’m almost 100% sure that the exercise is helping your focus and your mood, even if you aren’t fully aware of it.