How many creative outlets do you have?

How many creative outlets and hobbies do you have? I can’t figure out whether I have a billion or just half a billion. Here’s a partial list –

  • harmonica (diatonic and chromatic) (I’m above-average, garage-band level, maybe somewhat worse, depends on how bad the garage band is)
  • piano (I’m below-average, probably? I started late)
  • guitar (I’m an adult beginner; for comparison’s sakes, Jessica’s better than me, congrats to her, she sounds good! in her recent video)
  • singing (I am almost always in a choir, except for Covid)
  • stand-up comedy (I write monologues, haven’t tried many open-mike nights)
  • sketching (I go to figure-modeling sessions whenever I can, outside of Covid; I think I’m pretty good; dry media mostly)
  • watercolor painting (I am a beginner but I own a lot of stuff)
  • creative writing (I am a decent poet and intend to continue; I sometimes think I should write a short story; I’ve always wanted to write another novel)
  • acting (I used to do a lot of local community theater, tried to get more and more fulfilling roles, but the town I’m in has very little theater activity)

Other things that I do, more than most people, include –

  • reading “serious” fictional literature (I hate pulp and low-brow but I consume voraciously the top titles of mainstream and classics; right now I’m just finishing a collection of speeches by G. G. Marquez, and I’m intending to dig back into the American 20th C collection downstairs in the dining room for something by Walker Percy or R. Penn Warren, f.e.)
  • number-theory (on YouTube mostly; but I also teach myself from used textbooks I bought online)
  • chess (I used to have a ranking with ICF / FIDE in the 1800 range, but haven’t paid dues in years so it’s timed out and defunct, and I’m probably out of practice anyway)
  • soccer (I am often on a men’s competitive team, but Covid … and I watch whenever it’s on TV; but that’s the only TV I ever watch)
  • foreign languages (I know well enough to teach Classical Latin, Old English, modern German, I’ve learned to teach English as a Second Language but am not certified, I know modern French and modern Spanish well enough to play soccer, I once passed a test in Medieval Latin, and I picked up some modern Dutch while living in Amsterdam) (I often memorize from the classical Latin poets, f.e. two of Virgil’s Eclogues, almost fully, and about ten of Catullus’ poems, etc.)

This is ridiculous. No wonder I can’t find time to get to a gym to work out (except for Covid). I’m also, aside from all of that, a licensed lawyer in good standing in two of USA’s States, so I really ought to have a better job than I do, which is, right now, practically nothing. In fact, one of the reasons I don’t like work (of any sort, lawyering or not) is, that it takes me away from all those hobbies and necessary creative outlets.

I don’t list these things to be impressive. I am pretty bad at most of them. (I guess, to the contrary, my level of foreign-language mastery is preposterously high relative to most more sane and sensible people, so, yes, that would sound like I was trying to be “impressive”. But otherwise the stuff that I do is really at a low level. I’m not very good at most of it.) I just keep on thinking that some day I’ll get better at it. There are just SO MANY irons in the fire, absolutely none of them will ever get improved upon at all.

Another point. I started nearly all of them as an adult. I feel like, somehow, I’ve been prevented from being “accomplished” at various pursuits because I didn’t get adequate childhood training. (I’ve posted elsewhere about how frustrated I am that my musical skills will never be up to the level I want, because I didn’t have lessons or even know I was interested until I was about 20 years old.) I have done writing, and soccer, and drawing, all my life, but I gave up on each and every one of them, and on anything else in the list, at some point or other, through my life’s trajectory, sometimes for more than a decade or two, only to go back to one or the other later.

What about you? How many creative and pastime-hobby activities do you keep yourself engaged in? How well do you master any of them?

Do you have any hints about how to focus better? Or whether I should try to focus better? Maybe I shouldn’t. Or, maybe, there’s something simple which I need to do, to reorient and engineer greater success at one or another? I don’t want to give up on any of them, but I know that I need to practice one or another to “really” do it better.



Quite an impressive range of creative outlets . . .

My only creative outlet . . . is shocking . . . currently . . .

in-line . . . with my bulbous brain . . . despite the resistance . . . it might generate (from others) . . . gauged by those . . . I turn off!

YES . . . PUNNING :rofl:

As if you were con-fused . . . :rofl::rofl:

Also (“creative” or not)

:+1:Abstract painting
:+1:“Classical” music (esp. Shostakovich)
:+1:Movies with a story to tell
:+1:Dogs (as family)
:+1:Reading a book (when I can bulldoze through at least the 1st 50 pages . . . About 1 to 2 books a year):+1: Research (a fun “Scavenger Hunt” for me)
:+1: Food (i.e. EATING . . . always too much)
:+1:Trees and Shrubs (planting, pruning, watching them grow)
:+1:Volunteer driving for people needing transportation to & from Doctor appointments ‘ procedures (e.g. dialysis) . . . Now on hold due to COVID w/ me 74


A bookstore . . . What a novel idea . . .

:mask: maybe masking will help!? :joy:



I don’t get one thing - why one should try to excuse for themselves sounding impressive?
Also - what’s “accomplished”? You are impressive, and impressive couldn’t be not accomplished in my opinion.
You may not have mastered all of a hundred hobbies you have, so who cares? Your accomplishment is in general ability to quick-learn and intertwine different concepts.
Masters of a single craft sometimes don’t really have that. Ever tried to put someone, who are more “accomplished” in your opinion, in a situation that differs from what they are accustomed to? :slight_smile:

I may not even remember all the stuff i tried to do myself. Let’s stick with the last year:
-finished my first year of stock trading with rather nice profit which compensated me for all lost work and then some
-rebuilt a motorbike from a junkyard
-painted my truck and made a lot of fixes on it
-fixed 5 or 6 broken devices of different kind
-played guitar and bass
-learned new ways of using my already present tools
-read and played some great stories. In English, which is not my mother tongue.
-managed not to get fat again :))

Well, i don’t do anything of that on master level. Or, maybe, even on least kind of professional one. It bothered me too some time ago - i never thought i can do a thing so good that i can make a living from it.
But it’s enough to be enjoyable, and that is what life is all about - to enjoy it. Earlier in my life I tried other criteria for meaning of life, like proving yourself or something to somebody, or making somebody’s life better, and it doesn’t really work, and makes all kind of missed expectations of yourself and others.
And a living could be made from things one just can’t botch too much, if one is not too demanding.
High demands are an enemy of men, i think. They make us do stuff we don’t really want to do.


Also i’d like to address that. I know that feeling too.
I really like music. And i lack required focus to be really good at it. I simply can’t motivate myself to spend enough time and effort into single engagement.
Same with soccer, by the way. And drawing. We got all three of them in common :slight_smile:

So, i ended up with a really low expectations. I know a couple of songs with a really simple bass lines for example. And i just like playing to them correctly. It’s, like, 4 minutes of making 2-4 notes with correct intervals and durations. And it can be enjoyable too if you don’t demand too much from yourself.
Probably never would be good enough for a band, so what? I’m my own band, and my own listener. I’d be as good as i want to. And i want to make a lot of other stuff too :slight_smile:

We downplayed soccer to just shooting at goal. Sometimes with friends, sometimes with my wife. I played as GK in school. Since i dropped a lot of weight recently, i can’t play more or less competitively anymore, as it’s too easy to shove me now. So, i just like to make saves :slight_smile:

Didn’t drawed since 2018, but i guess i need the same here. Tried to be kind of realistic, proportions, reflections, lighting and all that - that’s what i like to see in art. Well, anyone who tried know how difficult is to live to your own expectations in it.
But i guess if i ever try to draw again, i need to push myself into some kind of comical approach. Make more room for imagination. A lot of it.

Heh, that was one of my best tries back in 2018. Both the music and a picture. Yep, i was in a depression. Still like it though.

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