How not to lose pills?

Hi peeps,

For the people that take more than one pill per day. Where do you store them if you leave the house? Do you have a pill box with separate compartments? Or do you use something else? Also if you use a pill box are there any cute/cool ones?

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I only take one pill but I used to take to I take Adderall and then I used to take a Adderall booster that lasts like two hours or so and I also take eyedrops for my eye for pressure. Are usually keep my medicine in the bottle and leave it on my bathroom counter where I can see it and I will remember to take it and not lose it. The only thing I need to just remember is to tell my parents when I’m on my last few pills. LOL

Amazon sells a month set up of separate medication cassettes. Each cassette has a numbered day on the end. I find this most helpful structuring my meds out for the month. I put refill dates on my calendar. I also set alarms on my phone for the times I need to medicate just so I don’t feel the crash and take meds too late. Hope this helps! Good luck!

At home I keep my pills at several places. The places where I mostly am. That way I prevent myself from forgetting by not wanting to get up and go get them and wait for 5 minutes which means I’ll forget them. I have to set alarms to remember to take them though :joy::joy:
I have this little pill container in my school bag. I also carry aspirins and special pills for cramps in there. I should actually have something similar for my other bag. Cause 9 out of 10 times I bring it with me. That way I won’t forget to put them in there :thinking:

Just make sure you have certain spots to keep them where you won’t loose them easily. That’s how I do it.

I don’t have a pill box. I actually store all my medications in my silverware drawer. They’re all in one place, and I have trained myself to go there twice a day to take them. They’re also in a very visible place so whenever I need a fork or spoon (which is pretty much everyday) I am reminded that I need them. I also use the Medisafe app (not an advertisement!) which helps keep me on track. I find that if I ever have to take my medications with me it becomes a source of anxiety because my medications are not in their place.

My girlfriend uses two pill boxes for her medications - one for morning, one for night. They’re 7-day boxes so she sets them up on Sunday for the whole week. However, she often moves the boxes and has trouble finding them at times; and they sometime pop open and pills fall out. For me, I’m on a variety of medications of different sizes so they don’t fit well into a box. I also worry that since I’m already so scattered at baseline that I’d end up leaving the boxes somewhere, misplacing them, or messing them up when prepping.

That being said, there are a lot of good pill organizers available online. Do a quick search on Amazon or a related site and you can see lots of very colorful and useful options. If that’s what might be helpful to you. :slight_smile:

I don’t take daily meds at multiple times of day, but for quite a few years I have had a metal pill case on my keychain that I use for painkillers. Storing meds with my keys has definitely been the most reliable system for having them when I need them