📖 How to DIY Tool: Apache Open Office [closed]

Greetings fellow brains and hearts.

You might have heard of the saying, telling about the fisherman and the poor fellow. It goes like this… Give a hungry fellow a fish and you will feed him a day. Show him how to build a fishing pole and show him how to fish and he will have a nutritional source in long terms.

Well I am not a fisherman, I am a creator of paper solutions and paper toolkits. I like inventing useful stuff. Perhaps some of you like to be creative and independent, too. So feel free to stick around and building up new skills.

direct link download page
download: Apache Open Office

door to my little web corner just in case

my precious tool of choice happens to be Apache Open Office
Its powerful and from own experience quite easy to adopt. The reliable community maintains and provides it for free, as an alternative to Microsoft Office. Most MS documents can be handled and edited in Apache Open Office. A bit sadly, it doesn’t work the other way around. Microsoft isn’t interested in changing their ways so far. Well, the fact shell not bother us.

Since my templates were originally invented to suit my needs, it is certain that they unlikely will fit the preferences of everybody else. We all are individuals. Our size of handwriting differs, our taste too. Have patience with me, it will take its time to transmit my knowledge. As like as my original thread… :open_book: DIY Tool: a nature-based calendar and more … I intend to building up this one step by step, too.

:eight_spoked_asterisk: Support - DIY Prints and Templates
(In the meantime you have the opportunity to get support you need for all kinds of quick little emergencies. Ask questions about the things you wonder of. Show snapshots of your difficulties and give a little description, what you are currently tempering with.)

Happy creating everyone and a lovely day.