How to not feel empty/brain foggy while on ADHD medication



Hi guys I’ve been on a couple of psychiatric medications including those that are just meant to treat ADHD or are prescribed off-label to treat ADHD. The common theme with all these medications is that I feel that they are working perfectly for the first 1-2 weeks, and then they just stop working and this terrible brain fog sets in. I don’t even know if that is the right word for it. I just wanted to know if any of you have had a similar situation and how you were able to solve it. I feel like I am losing hope in psychiatric medications.

Symptoms After 1-2 Weeks on Medication:

  • I lose all ability to problem solve. There are problems that were assigned in my classes weeks ago and I was able to do them when I first started the medication, but after the brain fog sets in its completely gone.
  • With Vyvanse- I can’t feel time anymore. I can work on an assignment for upwards of 10 to 11 hours straight but I don’t feel the time go by. Every hour feels like its less than 10 minutes
  • Memory Problems I just have trouble retrieving any information and if someone gives me a brief instruction ,usually 2-3 sentences, I won’t be able to remember it at all within less than a few minutes. In general I just feel like I can not learn anymore.

If you dealt with something similar to this please let me know more about your experience and any advice you have.


Of course the best person to ask about your meds is a professional. I can’t really comment on the specifics of your situation, nor would I want to.

All I can say is that I’ve been on dexamphetamine sulphate for a few months now. The dosage recommended to me was 15mg 2 times per day.

I found that 15mg left me foggy too. It seemed to even increase some of my symptoms.

I dropped back to 5mg, and ocassionally 10mg. and changed from twice a day to three times, to get me through a 12-14 hour workday. That got me back on track.

After a week or two, the strange “frying” sensation i had previously felt at the top of my head subsided. I also found that I could increase my dosage back to 15mg without the same problems I had initially.

I’m guessing that my brain has built up a tolerance, and that it is also more used to the chemical I’ve introduced and can handle it better now.

I’m still not 100% happy with the dexys, but I’ll keep tweaking things until I can get to a psych to see about maybe changing meds.


I started taking guanfacine about a week ago. I’ve noticed that at the beginning it made me more drowsy when I started taking it during the day, but it’s kind of leveled off now. Sometimes these medications can take a long time before there is a therapeutic affect. But definitely talk to your doctor. Best of luck to you!


I only had this when I was on a dose that was too high for me, otherwise I find my memory is much improved.


Have you talked to your doctor? I imagine that this should be checked out in case something is going on in regards to your dosage.



That sounds like a low or high dose to me. I had similar problems, i added some supplements and i took lower dose, its not perfect but it works, and the foggy/moody/rushy experience is gone.

I take vitamin D3, Omega3 Fish oil and L-Tyrosine.

I also had to lower my daily coffee consumption, because that made this side effect even worse.
You can also try to insert 1-2 off days every week, and see if your symptoms is not because of shallow sleeping. Happened me a few times…

I Hope it helps, and gl with your journey :slight_smile: