How to not lose things


I once had a bright orange cell phone. It was easy to find.

Another thing that I do for my essentials is consistent pocket use. My keys are always in my left pocket. My inhaler (asthma), wallet, and phone are always in my right pocket. I can pat my pockets and tell if they’re ‘off’ (something missing).

Yesterday Amazon delivered a bluetooth/USB dongle that I bought for work. I took it outside, and put it on the passenger seat of my car so I’d have it today at work. If I didn’t do that, then odds are about 80% that I’d have forgotten it at home.


I really wish my phone case was bright red or orange right now. It’s been three days and I have no idea where my phone is. I just graduated and all my contacts are in there too ;A;… so if anyone wants to contact me, welp that’s going to be a problem. Wish me luck I’ll really need it… (I know it’s somewhere within my house and unfortunately it’s dead or else I would have used lookout to have it scream)


Let’s see here, percussionist, you probably own a drum set, so I’m guessing somewhere within 3 feet of your drum kit :grin:


I wish I owned a drumset :(. I may be able to buy a snare drum though. Since only playing on a pad and then suddenly moving to a drum kit is my gosh weird… I’ve played a lot of marching band throughout my life. But in high school I played in band and orchestra (and percussion ensamble). Technically I have an electronic one but it doesn’t work anymore :(. (I play a lot of set at school though :D(I’d stay after school and go durring lunch accept for that time when we were playing assassin and my gosh was I being hunted down. They got my schedule and everything and tracked me down to every classroom, it was literally cat and mouse, I went from predator to prey pretty instantaneously (I was a pretty good predator, I got a bunch of people in a short amount of time)), I’m not the best but I found I’ve grown quite a lot). I found some drum sticks while looking though :p.
I’ma check anyways though since I once lost a book and my teacher said it was probably under my bed. I have a bunkbed with drawers at the bottom so that didn’t make any sense so I kind of dismissed what he said. And guess what… IT WAS INBETWEEN THE BED PARTS XD. Practically under my bed :p. Hope you’re right, my mom is helping me look now.

Edit: update on the lost phone, I have recognized that my bullet journal is also missing, so I’m hoping that if I find one I’ll find the other. Also it was not by my drum set :(… unless it’s at church at the church drumset… (I don’t think it is though because I remember almost leaving my phone there and then realizing I didn’t have it and going back and grabbing it) Anyways, Agent Woomy27 Out!


I found my phone :D! It was in my second pants drawer (I have a lot of pants) my sister found it actually. I’m not sure how it got there though since I seldom go there… I don’t really care though, I’m so happy I found my phone!


I thought that just the other day when I was looking for my black comb in the black drawer it’s usually in. I did find the black carpet knife that I’d been looking for earlier, though.

I never got around to cultivating a fixed place for everything but most things I have are most likely to be in one of two or three places each. So that helps. It’s only when I overlook them there or I’ve placed them somewhere else that I’m in trouble. It’s an improvement: used to happen to me every time after I cleared up my room. The places where things were supposed to be were just never the places they were, nor the places where I’d look for them.


I’ve managed to stop losing my car keys by dedicating a specific zipper pocket on the front of my purse to them and setting rules/a system for myself: the second I get out of my car, whether I’m at home or work or the grocery store or whatever, I lock the car, then before I take a single step I immediately put them in their designated pocket before doing anything else.
It took me many weeks and a lot of frustration to remember but once the habit was formed it was very helpful.

But I’m still trying to figure out how to stop losing name tags and building keys for work (I have to pay to replace them every time) and I lost my social security card recently somewhere in my bedroom and can’t find it anywhere, so then again maybe I’m not the one to take advice from.


Yeah, keys are bad… I keep mine in my pocket a t all times which only causes problems when I switch pants. Which happens a lot in the Summer, especially this very hot week when I’m wearing the lightest shorts I can in the house but they’re not fit for outside.

I once locked myself out of my night shift office by forgetting the keys in the office. (They had just changed the locking mechanism to one where the door could only be opened from the inside or with a key.) I had to climb into the back office through the window. After that, I never again fogot … no, not the keys. I never again forgot to open that window first thing after starting my shift.


I’ve meditated and I’ve reached enlightenment. If you have no possessions then you are in no danger of losing your stuff. Problem solved.


But then how would you be able to survive (especially in a college environment). (I’m also pretty terrified for what losing homework might mean in college :/)


Eon, you’ll be ok.


Those fidget toys might be more necessary simply to save my phone. I’ve dropped my phone waaaaay to much in the 2 days I’ve been in college so far. And my case is now cracked :(. I keep messing with it and flipping it and eventually I drop it (a lot). I had something like the tangle that I won from Dave and busters but I lost it/forgot it (i don’t know where it is but I didn’t really remember to look for it either). Hopefully I’ll be able to find a non detracting one soon because I don’t need a cracked phone. It’s already slow enough in its own.


Last year before stimulant meds, my concentration was so bad that I dropped my phone on a delivery and didn’t realize until way into it. I tried to backtrack the ten miles I drove to no avail.


At least you noticed at a point when back tracking was possible. Can’t say as much for my first phone :(. RIP old phone.


Won, I hear that


Hi :wave:! I lose things a lot too. It gets pretty annoying when I have to buy same product again because I lost it. I retrace my steps and keep looking for the list item for a while. Then if I can’t find it, I write on my to do list to keep looking. Lately I’ve been finding things I had lost like my mini lantern., pocket sized flashlight :flashlight: and pocket knife… yeah​:sunglasses: I stil haven’t found my horse book though. I’m also convinced there’s either a sock eating gnome that hides between the washer and dryer and eats one sock so Im missing a pair or else there’s a mechanism in the washer that makes socks disappear ( but only one at a time so you no longer have a pair, )
I attach keys to my bag so I can’t drive away without my bag… I check, double check and retrace my steps. Sometimes it works and I recover the left behind item ( grocery store- umbrella was exactly where I had left it by the granola bars!) other times it’s goodbye water bottle - someone at the Apple store must have needed it and took it… last time I checked though, my head was still attached to my shoulders. Find strategies that work for you.


Thank you all for this! You’re both funny AND helpful! My losing things is often because something changes and I know Seri will remember I ask him/her to remember things for me and remind me of things all the time. Awesome!!!


Ironically it’s already happened more than once and we’ve only been through 2 weeks of college… I’m happy my teachers are pretty nice about it. And also very happy that I tend to do my hw on my computer so that if I lose it for good I can just print another.


Someone needs to invent something like the tile only that has small (like 1cm square) stickers and is cheap enough that you can put them on lots of things.


I would love that. I once suggested for a high school economics class that we ‘make’ a better version of tile for our entrepreneur project and the person I was working with was like ‘but I don’t want to promote bad behavior and if people really cared about something they wouldn’t lose it’ and it made me a bit frustrated but I didn’t really confront her on it much (I remember saying something but we just ended up moving on rather than arguing about the implications of creating such a device) maybe I could build one eventually :D! That’d be cool (at this moment I realize I am procrastinating going to bed and I need to not destroy my sleep schedule any more than it already is so gnight) maybe I’ll continue my thought later :b