How to not lose things


What kind of tile? Continue another time


Ok, so I am almost 40 years into life and I have barely solved the problem of losing stuff all the time. That is to say, I’ve gotten better, but I still lose stuff.

Mostly it’s a matter of habits with the things I use daily. My keys, I’ve put on a carabeener (like the things you use in climbing) since highschool. I used to clip it onto my belt loop. Every day. This came out of having locked my keys in my car too many times. But it took me a long time to build the habit. And I took a lot of flak from friends and family because I had a gigantic load of keys with lots of keychains, and it bulged out from my hip and got caught on things, and made loud noises when I walked. And you know what? I didn’t care, because at least I wasn’t LOSING them.

IDs and Drivers Licenses and credit cards, they all go in the same pocket of my purse or wallet. My purse gets hung on the same hook every time I walk in the door. My BuJo stays in my purse unless I’m working in it, and then goes IMMEDIATELY back into it, or else I’d forget it. My keycard for work gets clipped onto my shirt during the day, and at the end of the day it gets unclipped and goes into my purse pocket. I can count on one hand the number of times I’ve left it clipped to my shirt, and I don’t have it for days on end.

My phone is another matter altogether. I try to put it into my purse regularly, but I usually have it in my hand, using it, fidgeting with it, etc. A tile is a good option. However, I actually have an apple watch. It actually has an indicator on the watch that tells me if it’s not connected to the phone, so I know if the phone is not near me. And if it is nearby, but I can’t find it, the watch can ping it for me. In this way I can a) notice my phone is missing sooner and b) find it before I forget and it dies on me. I think that feature is worth the entire price tag of the watch, frankly. I love it.

Anyhow, good luck. I know building habits are hard, but don’t beat yourself up about losing things. You will get better eventually.


I honestly don’t remember to well sorry :(. If I remember when I get home (which I honestly probably won’t) I might find some notes for it if it hasn’t been thrown away.


I would not care about smaller things, but I always lose important, hard to replace stuff. Like my original diploma (currently asking for a replacement), or passports, or drivers license. This is the part of my ADHD brain that I really hate :fearful:


My school made me sign a contract saying that I can’t ask for another diploma. (I’m not 18 though so legally it shouldn’t mean anything though).


A habit that I started when I moved out and has worked quite well for me is to leave the keys in the door when I get home. As long as you’re in a building with at least 2 stages of security - e.g. keypad into the building + key to your room this is relatively safe. Leaving the keys in the door means they’re in your face or against your palm as you close the door making them hard to miss. You’ll never loose the keys in the house, and you won’t forget to lock up. Changing pants is safe as well because you’re keys won’t be in your pockets when you’re home - which is where your pants are


I do that for my keys and is super helpful! I have them around my neck along with my wallet and haven’t lost either since getting it (knocks on wood).
Thank you all for the advice in general.


(ADHD, 24 years old, 20 years of experience in loosing stuff)

(and English isn’t my first language, sorry if it is hard to read)

My tips aren’t perfect and some of it demand training, but here’s what I’ve got!

First, learn to ALWAYS look back when you get up. Always. Even if it’s been 100 times and you haven’t forgot anything every time, you’ll forget at the 101! For sure. Don’t trust yourself.

For important stuff, always stop and take the time to put it back where it suppose to be. Don’t ever tell to yourself ‘’ It’s ok, I’ll remember. I’ll put it back later’’ it is lies. All lies. You won’t remember.

Have a mental list of want you have on you or want you will need (if you are going somewhere). Before you move to somewhere, read this list to yourself (ex: keys, cards, lunch, cellphone…). It is useful. But I forget anyway because I’m lazy and I don’t do it every time.

I hope it will help you :slight_smile:


I am undiagnosed (getting eval’d on Monday!), but I managed to get through college without losing a whole lot of stuff. I’m actually more prone to going through my things and having “I didn’t know I had one of these!” moments.


I do lose things if I’m not careful. We moved 8 months ago and I am STILL missing two pocket knives, a couple computer accessories, and a few other things that I legitimately can’t remember right now. (I’ll probably remember right after I submit this post.)

My solution has always been to put things in the exact same place. Keys are either in my right pocket or on the hook by the door. Phone is always in my pocket or my left visual field (I never walk away without it out of fear of it being stolen). If I pull something out, it goes in one of two places: where I pulled it from, or on my computer desk where I spend most of my time and have to look at it until I put it back. My office RFID key stays either on my neck (lanyard) or in my work backpack.

This works about 99% of the time. The ONE TIME that I took my office key off my neck at a time other than after I actually left the office, I locked myself out of the office and had to text my boss to remotely unlock the door… on a Saturday night… after hours. (Which at the time I did not recognize as an ADHD moment.)

I have the habit of patting my pockets every time I walk out the door, get out of the car, leave a restaurant, etc. I occasionally get out my front door without my keys, but so far I’ve only managed to leave my phone in a coworker’s car one time, so it definitely helps.

I’ve always relied on habit and routine to get me through things. Never thought it meant I had ADHD 'til recently, but I’m kinda lucky to already have a few strategies that work for. I hope this one works for you :slight_smile:


My parents got me Tile, which is a tracker you attach to things. They got it because I would constantly lose my keys and then run late to work.


As a family of recently diagnosed ADHDers (5 years ago for me, last year for my wife, last month for our teenage girl) we all have iPhones which let us use the “find my iPhone” feature (lets you ring each other even when on silent). Since the teen started driving we were getting tired of our keys suddenly disappearing into the black hole of “I don’t know where they’re at”. We bought Tiles for all the keys and have the slim Tiles that fit in our wallets (which also go missing). We bought a used gym type locker and painted it and that goes by the front door. We all have our own space for purses and shoes and the keys get hung on the side.
For me it’s always been about establishing a set routine of hanging up my keys, coat, shoes, etc in the same spot every time. If I don’t they get lost. It’s the launch pad system I guess. It works for me but I’ve always worked well with very structured systems. My parents were always super organized and so I grew up learning ways to adapt to my scattered brain. It’s also why I wasn’t diagnosed until I was in grad school at age 37 lol. All the organization in the world couldn’t help me read the mountains of textbooks required for my masters program lol. It takes a while to establish the habit but it’s nice to not have to think about where your stuff is because it’s always in the same spot.


Hello! Lots of good tips here but I will just add one or two. Kind of specific

1-the app ITTT have a setting to unmute your phone. It’s very useful because I don 't know for you but my phone is always on mute whenit shouldn’t be and vice versa

2- If you carry lots of luggage, and have to put some on the ground, I suggest to leash their handles if they are too short for you to touch. I lost a brand new Nintendo Switch because it was in a reusable bag with short handles that I had put on the ground while I was sitting in the subway. I have been doing that for years and it was the only time I actually forgot it there… BUT YAH!
Solution, if you have such bag, tie a cord or a ribbon around the handle and hold on it… If you have a lot of luggages you can even put the string trought all of their handles. You don’t actually hold them with the string, but if you forget one, it will tug on the cord , reminding you of its existence.

And lasty, a little thing for the lanyard thing. I’m very into fashion and since lanyards would not fit my style I’m a bit stuck. Oh and of course I never have pockets ;_;. I did buy some kind of tiny purse thing where just your phone and a few cards fit in, and tied my keys on it but there is no way my wallet would fit.

Still it help because the phone is not lost in all the other stuff you carry around in a bag. And when I DO wear it, I wear it at home and I try to put it back in there as soon as I stand up so it reduce the 100 moments of " where is my phone" moments in the day

But I don’t often wear it because I either forget or it doesn’t match my outfit ( please don’t judge XD it’s a way of expressing myself and it makes me happy :heart:)

I think I might buy another one just to make sure I always have one I can wear

So yah I know the last part might not help Eon but it might help other people who might be closer to my situation XD. Sorry for the wall of text


Actually my phone tends to be on when it shouldn’t be. But I have been seeing alarms for everything and that kinda helps.


I lose things too and have spent countless hours over my life tearing rooms, cars, purses etc., apart to find things.

What I have learned that works for me 90% of the time. Important things have a specific place that they “live” and the second I am done with whatever it is it gets put back in that place. DO NOT carry ID in your pocket, get a wallet or purse and make sure it lives in it.

Try a brightly colored “ugly” backpack that you can’t help but notice it will help you remember it simply because it is loud. Same thing with your phone, get a neon colored phone case or something you know you can’t miss seeing.

I’ve learned to enter a task or appointment into my calendar on my phone that tells me where I put the box of holiday cards, or swim suit, etc., I either file it as a task with no due date, or I put it as a task/appointment in the future when I know I will want the object again.

Also, I have a password manager app that I’ve used since 2004. I store every password in there and have access to it on my phone and computer so anytime I forget (which is all the time!) I can look it up. the program is encrypted and has a password to access it but it’s much easier than trying to remember all the passwords. It has literally been a lifesaver for me.

Good Luck!


I try and keep things I need in the same place so like my phone in my right pocket and keys in my left, I also count how many things I have on me that I can’t lose, so I don’t have to remember each individual item I just have to count them now and then, usually if I’m moving from the place I am to somewhere else, and if I’m one short I can then work out what is missing, and find it before I go.


I had the PERFECT solution…but I lost it!!


Oh I totally wish I did the password thing. My school makes us change our password about twice every year and I honestly can’t remember what I put for the newest one. Luckily I saved it to my computer but I can’t access what it is. So currently I can only access my schools stuff that require my school id via my computer.