How to stop the weight loss from medication?

TL;DR: Concerta makes me loose weight, any tips to stop it?

I started taking meds in April and in the beginning when I took Ritalin I didn’t notice any
effect on my appetite. I then started to take Concerta and didn’t really notice too much of an effect on my appetite in the beginning neither.

I always had a sweet tooth and in the past I usually had a hard time resisting any of that stuff. I often was kidding, that I only reach my daily required calories because of all that sugar.

Well with the Concerta my sugar cravings are all gone and unfortunately by now I even have a hard time eating a full meal for lunch.
I am hungry at lunch time but everything seems a little “ehh”. When I’ve finally found something I feel like eating I often make it only through half of the dish before I feel like eating no more.

Of course this caused some weight loss which is a problem for me since I’ve always been
on the light side.
Has anyone had the same problem? And how did you manage to still eat enough to keep your weight?

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I can’t offer too much advice, but just a few thoughts about how I’ve sometimes felt the same. Figure I might as well share, get the ball rolling for this discussion …

First, my experience with several of the SSRI type drugs is that ALL my cravings were reduced. I stopped wanting to drink alcohol, I stopped wanting to gamble, I stopped having the over-the-top excessive “need” to be a gourmet-food-obsessed foodie type restaurant-goer. (I live in New Orleans. The opportunities for such are myriad! I grew up learning about how to go to restaurants “properly” and, as an intellectual pursuit, I genuinely believe in being a knowledgeable patron of fine dining.) Everything, all consumption, in behaviors which I valued and in behaviors which I wanted to stop, it ALL just went a bit more bland. I became unable to “drive myself into a frenzy” of interest where, previously, I had been a glutton or an addict (almost, or actually).

This change I now use as a major benefit of my ADHD drug therapy. It wasn’t an initially intended result, but by getting onto Prozac (Fluoxetine) I ended up no longer acting like a borderline-alcoholic. The prescription for Prozac was first intended to address mild depression, and to aid my ADHD therapy which is also addressed with Adderall (Dextroamphetamine), but it managed instead to directly address my obsessive-compulsive or addictive cravings. I take what I can get! Nevertheless, it also has disadvantages. It has tamed down my passion and fascination for good things, such as the foodie knowledge, and also for museums, going to the zoo, even for pursuing sex with attractive potential partners. I take the bad with the good. Getting rid of potential alcoholism and other addictive, and genuinely detrimental, pursuits, is certainly worth the price of having to undergo little bit more bland of an experience next time there’s an art-gallery opening nearby. And I’m also learning, as I grow and change, to develop balanced interests in things that I used to only be able to have obsessions for. Now, for example, I can strive to be a rational and non-obsessive foodie, rather than a total gourmandizing glutton, and that means the restaurants have been re-opened to me, but for a different and better controlled level of interest in them. They never went away! I just had to learn to like them differently.

But maybe I’m talking about unrelated drugs? So, don’t go overboard on the analysis. That description above is about my experience with SSRI’s – Selective Serotonin Re-Uptake Inhibitors – NOT my experience with stimulants. The stimulants you mention, Ritalin and Concerta (Methylphenidate), and my similar stimulant (generic equivalent of Adderall, Dextroamphetamine) may not be germane to this discussion at all.

Or, give it a chance, it looks like my experience of losing my cravings may be quite similar to yours. You describe your feeling as

And for me, feeling just a little “ehh” is EXACTLY how I would describe my own experience.

So, best wishes with the search. I personally wouldn’t complain about losing a little weight – I’ve been deliberately trying to do so for about six or seven months now, watching my diet and trying to get to the gym regularly, with generally positive results but nothing amazing or noteworthy. I think the notion of taking a stimulant should, in anyone’s mind, associate to some greater or lesser extent with increasing activity rather than reducing activity, and consequently would be an easy step to also associate with weight loss. If that weight loss is problematic, as you say it is for you, then it’s worth looking into and trying to counter-act, of course, so I don’t want to belittle your inquiry. Nevertheless, I’m sure you realize, it isn’t really that big a surprise, that stimulants like Concerta and Ritalin have some links to weight loss for you.

Good luck! Hope others know more!

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As a person who has always tried to lose weight (I’m not overweight, but just wanting to look fitter), I think that people who are naturally thin can sometimes be happily oblivious about what their food contains :smiley: So my advice is to get more scientific about it. It is a blessing in a way, but if you start needing to pack some weight on, especially in a healthy way, then there’s a world of knowledge out there. If your appetite ain’t your friend with this goal, you gotta fool it and eat smart. My advice: start entering what you eat into an online calculator, such as cronometer . com to see how much and what you actually eat, and specifically what and how much your favourite foods contain. To gain weight, you have to give your body building blocks to do it. Get your macros and micros full! It’s a game! For me cronometer has become sort of a sport in trying to get all the vitamins, minerals and micronutrients into “green” zone, i.e. getting enough of them from food, while at the same time getting as little calories as possible, especially calories from carbs and calories from “bad” fats. Like a fixation on numbers that measure “heatly” eating… which has a danger of turning into sth unhealthy, such as ortorexia. But if you are doing it to gain and get enough nutrients, i.e. to get the calories and macros to 100% as well, then it should be safe.


Maybe speak with your doctor who prescribed the medz and talk to him about your concern with your weight loss and find a solution that way until then just have a protein heavy diet so that way you can still have a healthy weight. WHen i first went on ADHD meds back in 4th grade I would not eat lunch at all and it was a major concern so I was taken off that meds but my adhd until junior year of high school was treated without meds but I was very physically active which alleviated a lot of my adhd symptoms.