How to track health goals

So I have what I’d say are a few different health goals and I want to keep track of how I’m doing with them. Right now, I’m thinking I’ll just track them in my bullet journal, but I sorta feel like that won’t be that effective for me. I prefer to mainly use my bullet journal for my to-do lists and I tend to use it somewhat inconsistently, I’d also like a way to easily see visualizations of the data. It’d especially be cool if I could overlap a graph of how I’ve been doing with my health goals with a graph of my productivity to see how the two are related. Does anyone know of any good websites or apps for tracking this sort of thing? I’ll give a bit more info about the specific metrics I’m looking to track below:

The main thing I want to track is how much (and what kind of) food I’m eating and how much water I drink. I have a tendency to go long periods of time without eating because I just forget to. I think part of it is that one of the medications side effects I experience is appetite suppression, though I have it to a fairly mild degree; I also will often forget about eating due to hyperfocus and just general forgetfulness. I’m not sure exactly, but I think I’m losing weight (I used to use the third from last hole on my belt, now I use the fourth to last) and I’m getting light headed more frequently. I’ve always been prone to getting light headed (I have a really low heart rate and blood pressure, plus a lot of my family members are prone to fainting), but it’s definitely gotten worse in the past year or so.

I also think it’d be good to track how much exercise I’m getting, how frequently I’m taking care of hygiene related things (especially showering, brushing my teeth, and washing my face, all things I tend to forget about and procrastinate), and how consistent I’m being with my meds (both my ADHD meds and some medication I take for unrelated issues).


A digital spreadsheet could work . . . Using formulas you could keep running totals for those things “numeric” . . .

Just a thought . . .



I’ve used spreadsheets to track things like this (like @Brooklyn suggested), just because I can do it without writing any special purpose code (I am a software engineer). That works pretty well for tracking a couple of things, but can get pretty cumbersome if you want to track many different things (or at least I haven’t tried too hard yet to do that, so I perceive it would be cumbersome). Most sheets have the ability to graph things pretty easily.

I also experimented with creating a Google Form that I could fill out to enter data. When you submit one of those forms, the data gets appended to a spreadsheet, so it could make data entry a little simpler.


For food and water intake, there is a free app called “My Fitness Pal.” It can be good for tracking things, though I would caution you to be wary with any applications like this. Tracking food intake including calories can be triggering and can also lead to unhealthy restricting behavior. Be mindful, and utilize it as a tool to help you achieve the goals that you want.


Thanks for the app suggestion and the advice.

I realize that obsessive tracking of caloric intake can be unhealthy, especially because it’s often associated with people who are trying to restrict themself to dangerously low amounts of food (I know some people with eating disorders like anorexia might do this). However, I’m looking to track more for the opposite reason, which is making sure I get enough food. I’m not looking to track individual calories, but more like “I had breakfast at 10, I had a snack around 2, I had dinner at 6, etc.” because there are days where it’ll be, like, 4 or 5 in the evening and I’ll suddenly realize I haven’t eaten anything. Mainly I just want to make sure I’m not forgetting about meals, it’s not really a diet attempt.


yes my fitness pal will tell you if youre not eating enough calories for your body weight and height and you can put in the app your goal is to gain more/ make sure youre eating enough.


I use Nomie for tracking. It’s a web app (with the option to store data on your local device) and it aims to be a flexible tool that lets you configure your own custom trackers