How to treat your ADHD when therapy suddenly isn’t available

Hey guys. I got some pretty bad news.

I was supposed to get my first intake next week for ADHD therapy to treat my symptoms, since I’m too sensitive for medication and it’s litteraly making me sick if I take it regularly. So meds aren’t an option for me, only in absolute emergency situations.

But my mom got a call from the company that my intake had to be canceled and I probably have to wait at least a year until I’m able to get any therapy cause of covid. The waiting lines for any therapy treatment are insanely long.

But I really need it. I need help since I even have difficulty taking care of myself properly right now. What should I do now? I’m seriously sad about this news. I can’t blame the company since they’re trying their best and so is the government to try and help but it’s all not enough. I already had to wait almost a year until this first intake and now there’s another year added. I can’t wait that long anymore.

What would you guys do in this situation? I’m kinda lost tbh.


ADDA has virtual support groups, one for young people and one that is international.

Perhaps could be helpful for now . . . Would be face-to-face (virtual) . . . and thus more personal, real-time interactive (than here . . .)

Worth checking out . . . :thinking::question:


Thank you! I’m gonna check it out! I really need some help. The YouTube videos aren’t enough sadly


I can’t find the page. It’s gives me an error of the website


I don’t have any idea how to help (sorry) but i’m here to listen if you need.

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Try entering in your browser or googling it.

On the home page:

click the *3 bars at the top;
click connect;
click virtual support groups

I tried this and I think it should work for you too!

Let me know how how you make out . . .



Thank you! That works! Now imma go check it out tomorrow when I have time!

Im also currently rewatching all the how to adhd videos ever put out and writing down all the tips and tricks that come along. I eventually wanna make one big document out of it to share with everybody here. I myself prefer to keep it to a notebook that’s easy to grab whenever I am struggling. That way I can just search through the notebook to tips and tricks that can help me at that specific moment and apply those. I am also gonna print out and laminate forms and stuff you can fill in to break things down into steps or get a better view on them. I can fill them in with an erasable marker and then reuse the schedule or form later when I need it again.


Sounds like you have a plan and plenty of things to keep you focused on that are positive, and hold promise to help you!

Good luck!!

If you take advantage of some of the virtual online support groups I would welcome hearing back from you about what that was like.


I’ll try to think about it! :smile:

I also decided to call therapy monday to just ask if there’s really no way for me to het therapy sooner, since it’s urgent for me now and important.


I’ve came to realize something I think. I think this was supposed to happen so I could come up with solutions to deal with this myself rather then using the excuse of “I need help”. Now I’m not really getting it I’m forced to come up with my own solutions and use my problem solving skills and creativity to come up with something, not only for myself, but also for others.

In all honesty I’ve been really invested in Jessica’s videos again. It is giving me an overlook of some things that I didn’t know I am managing pretty well right now. For instance, controlling clutter. Apperantly I’m doing that amazingly well even though it seemed like I wasn’t.

The reason why it seemed so is because I’m used to living with my mother who, miraculously, is able to keep the whole house almost entirely clutter free. Her house is perfectly clean. I’m used to living there and I’m very close to mom so she has a big influence on me. That gave me an unrealistic image of how clean I need to keep my house. I’m not mom. I am me. I know I don’t mind a bit of clutter, as long as I can clean it again in the morning so I can continue the day being able to not focus on cleaning clutter out. Like, it does not have to be entirely clutter free and I honestly don’t like it to be. In my eyes I liked it when you can see that the space is actually used and lived in. That’s what your house is made for. As long as it won’t become a big trash field. I lived in that for a while in our last apartment. I hated it. And I’m good with putting things in specific places and creating spaces to prevent myself from creating too much clutter and, bonus, loose everhthing all the time. I’ve been doing that my own way the past week and I love the way I’m doing it right now.

Also, being very forgiving of myself when I don’t manage to do something is getting easier. Good example: for today I set a planner to work on things I wanted to get done, like cleaning the house. I managed to almost get everything done except for one thing. But I have plenty of time to do that tomorrow. So I’m able to forgive myself and actually praise myself for completing every other task I did. Without the planner I wouldn’t have been able to do nearly as much. So, yaaay for me!

And I’m collecting all the strageties and tips and tricks that Jessica gave us to use in a big document to share with everybody. So I’m not only doing it for myself, but also for others. Which is like a double catch since I am helping myself which makes me happier and I really love helping others too, which is a bonus with this. I love it.

So I think that this what happened with therapy is meant to be so I can first learn to deal with a lot of it on my own before I get in a therapist to help me deal with maybe bigger issues or things that I still can’t manage at the end.

So it’s like with an accident also unfolds a miracle. I like to keep it by that thought. And now let’s go to bed :joy::joy::joy:


Wow! It sounds like you are doing amazing with this!

I was going to suggest that you not forget about getting enough sleep and eating healthy (which can both help ADHD).

Now I have a question. Are you one of those ADHD people who will do almost anything to help those around you? Your enthusiasm about collecting all of Jessica’s tips strikes a chord with me. There is always extra motivation in doing something when it can help others as well as myself.

… and now it’s time for me to get to sleep (midnight is too late for me).


Thank you

Oh yeah I definitely make sure to sleep enough. On diet me and my boyfriend are slowly transitioning back to a more healthy diet. We’re doing amazing already. But we want to take it a step at a time. I’m eating much healthier now. Weekends are cheat moments though :joy::joy:

If I can help people I will in any way shape or form. As long as I don’t loose myself in the process. It feels like my duty to help people around me. Like, that’s what I came here to do on the planet: help others. I’m still busy working on myself though so it’s important to me that I first make sure I’m good myself. If I can help others with something that also helps myself, I’ll take advantage of that for sure. That’s what I’m doing right now.


Me, too. I can remember all the way back to 5 years old and being motivated to help people. (At that young age, I loved helping my baby brother by cranking up his baby swing again and again, and helping my parents by helping my baby brother.) Growing up, I guess you could have called me a “teacher’s pet”, not because I was trying to ingratiate myself with my teachers, but because I just wanted to be helpful. I also did volunteer work (many service projects, but also times just helping people) whenever I was asked, and I can remember feeling baffled that most of the able-bodied, able-minded people I knew did little or nothing to help other people.

It makes perfect sense that the types of work I’ve gravitated to involve helping people (retail sales, tech support). As a system admin, my current job duties are more focused on tech than people, but my motivation is ensuring that the system works the way the users need it to…more like helping from the shadows; sometimes I get to support users directly with problems that come up, and so I’ll drop everything to go into full Helper mode.

I do tend towards losing myself when helping others, so it helps me to have constraints (such as a clearly-defined goal, established boundaries, etc).


That’s actually one of the videos I watched today. About people pleasing. How to meet both your needs and someone else’s needs. I’m starting to be pretty good at that.

I remember the turning point for me was a bit more then a year back. Beforehand I already had police involved in a situation where I tried to help a home situation of my at the time best friend (parents absolutely didn’t accept my help which broke our friendship), been in other kinds of trouble multiple times bc of wanting to help people too badly. And what I also tended to do is forcing people into it. I wanted to help too badly. I learned now that if you stretch out your hand it the other persons choice whether they wanna take your hand or not. When I was younger I’d often just grab their hand. That does not go well. Trust me. About a bit more then a year ago I had this carnival type of performance I had to do. My vocal coach suggested it to me and I wanted to try it. I love trying new things a lot. But as the performance came closer it became more and more clear that this is not something I’m used to. You’re supposed to go in over the top costumes and the performances where generally over the top. Someone who was a student of my vocal
Coach and now a friend of mine tried to help me to get comfortable into it. But I had to wear stuff that was pretty revealing. I absolutely hated it. And the performances started. I was holding back a panic attack backstage while everybody else was having fun. I didn’t know anybody and I didn’t know my friend well enough either to say something about it and I really wanted to make the crowd happy with my performance, like I always do. So eventually I started texting my mom and she helped me out of it. In the end I didn’t have to perform but it took me a lot of tears and anxiety and discomfort because I didn’t say anything earlier. Ever since I really learned to put my needs before anybody else’s. And if I happen to be able to both meet my own needs as well as somebody else’s, I will. Hence why I’m making this document for everybody. When it’s done I wanna send an email to Jessica with the document in hopes that she’d love to share it on her channel. That way I can help out even more people. Yaay :tada::tada::tada:


I’m trying to remember where I’ve heard that many people with ADHD feel this way. But, as you said, it is important to not forget about ourself and our own needs. I’m glad you are remembering that at this time!


I’m pretty sure that I’ve heard this several times. Definitely here on the forums, but probably also from Jessica &/or guests on the HowToADHD YouTube videos, the ADHD reWired podcast, Dr. Ned Hallowell, maybe even Dr. Russell Barkley,, and certainly on a few web articles. I’ve also observed it in individuals whom I know are diagnosed with ADHD.

I think that it isn’t a universal trait of people with ADHD, but I think that it is a trait that many of us share.


I finally went through watching all the videos and writing everything down. Did it in one weekend. Now I started actually making the document. That’s the fun part :tada::tada:

I have no idea why but I’ve always enjoyed making essays. This kinda feels like it


Wow! Now that’s commitment!

This might be a clue to figuring out what line of work you’ll excel at. (I’m not sure what you’d like to do, but this makes me think of Communications, Publishing, Marketing, and Business careers.)

Skills and passion like these that you have can be valuable in many career fields, or you can put them to use as a freelancer, such as:

  • You could be a blogger, podcaster, or do like Jessica does and make video content (blogger)…dive into researching topics that interest you, write an essay/article/script, (record, edit & mix,) and self-publish.

O believe me when I say if I really wanna get something done I get it done. We’re able to hyperfocus for a reason I guess :joy::joy:

Sure. I’ve always loved it. I use it to learn about things a lot.


yess this is the power we have :sunglasses: :sunglasses: :sunglasses: :sunglasses: :sunglasses: :sunglasses: @Bubbles17