How would you describe Anxiety?


Hello everyone!!! Question time!

For those of you who have anxiety, how would you describe it? I wondered a few times if I had it the past few months. I tend to over think conversations in my head over and over, wondering if I said the right thing, sometimes I avoid people just I don’t have to talk to them, or I get so overwhelmed with homework that I have a hard time starting it.

I’ve tried writing it down and keeping a diary, but when I remember to write it down, most of my emotions we’re relatively positive. It seemed to range from mostly good, then ok, then very bad for one or two days.

Im also not sure if over thinking situations and getting really nervous about talking to people is just my personality, my ADHD, or if it’s anxiety…

I didn’t bring it up to my doctor last time I visited her because I don’t think it effects my everyday life. But there have been days were I have been worried so much I can’t concentrate. Most of the time I can snap out of it, I’ll talk to a friend and I usually feel better.

Well long story short, what sort of symptoms do you guys have that I should be on the lookout for? Or when did you realize that you have anxiety?

Thank you! It would help a lot!



I honestly didn’t really understand how widespread my anxiety was in my everyday life until I was taking medication for it. And even then I didn’t really feel different until one day I forgot to take my meds.

Anxiety feels like you can’t stop being watchful, because if you do, something bad will happen. So you always keep watch, scanning for the trouble you just know is around the corner.

It feels like having a narrow miss, but hours later you are still consumed by how close you came to something bad happening. So you have to keep going over the situation in your head so you can figure out how to keep it from happening ever again.

It feels like being afraid of having people walk behind you in the store, because they might be trying to rob you or kidnap you.

It feels like being afraid to say the wrong thing to a very important person in your life, so you keep rehearsing the conversation in your head before you have it. And then once you start having the conversation, you start to panic and forget what it was you wanted to say, so you wing it. And then you can’t stop worrying about it hours later because you may have said the wrong thing, and they might not like you anymore.

It feels like being afraid that nothing you do at work is good enough, that everyone else is much better than you are. So you try to work harder and longer to make up for it. But any time your supervisor calls you over to talk, you have a panic attack, because you just know this time they are probably firing you.

It feels like being afraid to leave the house for work without saying “I love you” to your spouse, because you’re afraid you might die before they see you again.

It feels like being afraid that the nightmares you had the night before weren’t just dreams, but premonitions telling you something terrible will happen today. And you have to remember every detail of the dream lest you forget and miss the signs of impending doom.

It feels like you are never safe, even inside the relative safety of your own home. Because there are sharp knives in the kitchen, and what if you slipped on some water while slicing a tomato?

It feels like leaving the house to go to work, wondering if you left the stove on even though you didn’t use it, turning around to check and finding it off, and being 30 minutes late to work as a result. And then once you are at work, you suddenly wonder if you left the front door unlocked when you went back to check…

The sensation, I have heard, is like jumping out of a plane, over and over again. When I was off my meds, it was indeed as if I were falling but never hitting the ground. There was no relief. The only way I could calm myself was to keep track of every detail to stay safe. But with limited working memory… that didn’t go so well.

I hope this has helped. I’m going to go do some deep breathing exercises now.



@Wabbajack I couldn’t of said it better myself.



Physically: a slightly tingling sensation on the scalp or the back of the neck, and a weird sense that someone is looking at you from afar, or someone is following you right behind your back, but when you turn around there’s nobody there. Inability to slow down your breathing, heart-rate, or response time in normal situations (like, how fast you respond to a question someone asks, or how quickly you re-push the elevator button when it doesn’t light up the first time you push it, and then how often you re-re-re-push it when the elevator doesn’t come fast enough or soon enough). Not really FEAR OF BAD THINGS happening, but ANTICIPATION OF THINGS happening. Yes, just, anticipation of things. All things. Many many many things. Not even necessarily bad things, just, things. Happening things. Anticipa… you get the point.



Thank you, that really helps a lot. <3



I see, thank you! That helps a lot!



@ArchitectureNerd @cliftonprince I love your descriptions! I’ve been having some background anxiety for the past few hours while at work. Not bad enough that it feels like an attack, just sitting there, a gut feeling that something bad is hovering just out of view. Like I’m walking through an old house that might be haunted but probably isn’t BUT YOU NEVER KNOW IT COULD BE. deep breaths