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Umm … too many saturated colors on this web board interface … can’t pay attention to what I’m typing … umm … HI?



OK that’s better, found the theme change setting.

About ten years ago, I was (finally!) diagnosed in my early 40s with MBT or ADD or ADHD or any number of other acronyms. I sought help after many redirected and failed career paths and a lot of other (rather typical, I now know) missteps. I joined here because I like the YouTube channel. (I find the frenetic little red-haired girl to be absolutely fetching and appealing in her videos and hope she continues to use her natural on-camera charisma to spread the good word.) I’m amazed at how helpful a diagnosis is, how destructive the remainder of the world has been to those of us who are simply being ourselves, and how negative a non-ADHD-er’s instinctive responses can be when faced with his own misunderstanding of how the ADHD-er approaches sustained or regular workplace tasks. Regular? Sustained? YUCK. But they seem to think that -I’M- the wrong-headed one?



Welcome to the Tribe, Clifton!
We are glad you are here!

She definitely has a special charm. :wink:

Jessica’s content is absolutely fantastic. I couldn’t be happier that she has set up this little wonderland for all of us to frolic in. :smile:

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Yep. You’re in the right place. Welcome to the tribe!

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No wonder Charlie Brown liked the little red-haired girl so much. I didn’t know she would be so … uh … FRENETIC …