i was thinking, many of these options sound wonderful to add in my life but i tend to have trouble following though with stuff. Especially new stuff. So if anyone reads the article and sees something they’d like to try and work on, I think it could be helpful to buddy up and work together
Thanks wendy


Follow through is an issue for me, too. I’m trying to get a good routine of exercise established. :sweat:


You got me to the gym today! :joy: What is it you’d like to focus on?


Everyday at 2 I’m going to do my exercise when I’m done I will message you saying I did it. If you don’t hear from me , That’s sign i didn’t follow though with what I’m committing to. What do you think? Is that okay I do that? It will help me so much!:cactus:


And that’s fantastic to hear you did it! I want to help you succeed. Have you decided on and gonna commit to a routine? If so, what is it ?


Sounds good!


Monday, Wednesday, Friday mornings! We will keep in touch, :slight_smile:


Finished exercises. :trophy:


:weight_lifting_man::muscle: Good job!


Hi Tara! How’d Friday morning exercise go?
So I don’t forget I am putting Tara exercises mon wed and fri mornings in my fantastical calendar. So if I don’t hear from you, I’m going to be wondering what happened.
We can do this, I’m ready to change.

Talk soon!


Friday went well. I am still sore, :joy:


Yesterday I was sore and this afternoon I got all worked up and I’m moody mood, I’m procrastinating I didn’t hang. I’m going to start in 10 min and I’m going to set a timer for 10mins and I will workout until the timer buzzes


Hi tara, I didn’t exercise, I was in a funk. But slept well last night worked this morning and about to head home and I plan to exercise for a little bit should be done by 3 and I will message you around for to give you an update. To motivate myself when I get home I’m going to put on my exercise clothes


I had a good workout. Didn’t sweat or really raise my heart rate longer thane I minutes but I’m taking small baby steps, spent 15 min doing a combination of squats sit-ups hanging on a bar (goal is to hang 10sec.) and I stretched and hung upside down on my trapeze yoga swing :star:
Have a good workout tomorrow and let me know how you do💫


I do that sometimes, too. Throw on my exercise clothes tootivate myself.


Great job! I am dragging this morning. :disappointed_relieved:


Did you make it to the gym? Going to the gym for me I noticed it took too much time for me and ended up not sticking to it. I like to swim and eventually I’d like to go to the gym when I can schedule my time better to give myself 2-3hr, that includes drive time and being in the locker room to steam and shower.
I was too weak today to hang from my pull-up bar so I did leg exercises. About 5min. Yes I know that’s not going to do anything and far as loosing weight but another besides the hang is to get into a habit of working out every day



I ended up doing something different for my workout. I just didn’t have it in me to get to the gym first thing in the morning. I ended up cleaning my whole house which meant moving all the furniture in my living room and dining room and going up and down stairs 1000 times.

I have a gym membership that is around the corner. It is nice because I am in and out in an hour and doesn’t take too much time. Usually that is fine. My family just got a pool membership, too. The facility has a gym, whirlpool, steam room, sauna, and of course the pool. We have been doing that on the weekends. :slight_smile: I’ve only tried out the pool and whirlpool so far. I’m hoping to spend some time during Thanksgiving break there.

Five minutes is five minutes. Any time you get that heart rate up is good, plus like you said it forms good habits.

Great job!


Thank you! I’m really happy you’re doing this with me. It’s really keeping me going and sticking to it. Does it help you?
I set my timer for 15 min and jumping jacks plank run, resistance band for arms and leg I did weighted box squats.