Huge achievement!!

So… I just finished chemistry!!!
I’ve really struggled with it the whole year and constantly wanted to drop out ( which I still think would’ve been a good idea :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes: ) but all the homework’s been turned in and I’m FINALLY done :tada::tada::tada:
I never thought I’d make it, and since it was my last class, I’m done with school for the summer :sob:
Y’all, that thing you think is impossible? You can do it!!!



Many years ago, as an undergrad, I wanted to major in chemistry. But when it came to memorization of the flow charts related to analytical chemistry . . . I just couldn’t! I tried to reason with the lab instructor (herself a student . . . PhD) but she was not willing to cut me any slack. So I got a “D” in the course that term and switched to sociology. Following that I went to grad school for social work (MSW) which became my career until I retired 3 1/2 years ago.

I had the same difficulty memorizing Hamlet’s soliloquy for an honors English class, this time in high school, but I tried my best and the teacher was lenient in grading my exam which required us to regurgitate the piece.

In any event, we all learn differently and struggle with different things, but somehow it all works out if we are persistent. Best of luck to you in your studies!


How wonderful! :smiley:
It’s no small feat, and I hope you are as proud as you deserve to be.


Thank so much y’all :blush:


YAY I remember chem kicked my butt in high school but congrats you deserve it. Chem is a difficult subject for a lot of people but you powered through even when you wanted to quit which is a huge win in my book.


Dear Confused…,

Thank you for sharing your success, and - more importantly - congrats on moving past this hurdle! I have had a similar success around completing grad school (something which had been outta reach prior to getting diagnosed) and which showed that I could not only start, but also finish a large task.

You’ve passed this hurdle, and congrats. I wish you the best in continuing to move forward through our unique lives. Your completion of this will prob offer a great keystone to relate to throughout your life, and, for me, that’s been huge. Cheers.