Huge document with almost all Jessica video's strategies!

I have done it!
I have finished the document! Finally!
Except for the last few video’s, the document is finished! I will add the last few video’s later. I’m just happy I finished this whole thing up until now.

So basically, the document I’m about to share contains almost every single strategy and tip Jessica has shared over the years as well as all the video’s, links and worksheets she ever mentioned or added. If you ever feel lost, you can look through the document to see if there’s any strategy that works for you at that moment. You can download the document and always adjust it to your liking. I kept the design etc. simple. You can always add and remove things as well as add pictures, decorations etc.

So, here it is:

I hope y’all liked the document. It took me litteraly months to make it so I hope it’s worth all the work.


Thank you, it’s really great! :ok_hand::heart:


I have an access denied thing that comes up

Weird. I can open it up via the link

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Its because you made it i get a message saying that i am not invited to open this document

If it’s alright, you can open it now

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Thank you @Bubbles17 ! I think that this all-in-one reference is awesome!

It would be great if the main site is updated with articles that mirror the YouTube channel. But a document like yours could be great resource for “the essentials”.

(And now, I’m thinking of HowToADHD as not just a YouTube channel and a website, but as a whole digital ecosystem, with the possibility of a mobile app, downloads, and more.)


Thank you @Bubbles17


Nice work! Thank you Bubbles :slight_smile:


Thank you everyone. I’m definitely contacting Jessica if she’d like to share this on the channel so more people can use it. I’m happy the hard work is paying off


I’ve only made it through part of the document, but it looks like a wonderful resource! Thank you for compiling all the info (especially including links).


This is brilliant! You have inspired me to up my note-making game… So pretty and easy to follow too :slight_smile:


Thank you. I appreciate that it’s liked by everyone. I’m happy about that. My worked has really payed off.