hy there, i would like to hear your experience


Hi, i really would like to say how much i love the fact that there are forums like this one. i have known for more then 10 years that i have adhd but never found pages like these before. i found this one because i am doing reshearch for a school project. i decided to do that project on something that is very close to me ofcours that being adhd. i found so much information about my adhd. i had never known that we already knew so much. i also found out that some problems i have had in the passed were linked to my adhd. sometimes that makes me very sad. but i like to look at things in a positive way, because i don’t even want to know what i would be like without my adhd. because i think it is a part of who i am. and with this al said i would love to hear your stories, your struggels but also the happy moments. those that are worth sharing


Hi Julia, welcome to the tribe!

It’s funny that you should say that… I was just explaining ADHD to somebody the other day, and I said that when I recently found out about it, I was really surprised. I no longer really know which parts of me are my own personality, and which parts come from ADHD. It’s all the same thing.

When I first came here, I posted pages and pages of stuff. Too tired now (I’m in Australia, it’s 2am here).

But if you read pretty much any of the stories here, I’m sure you’ll find so much that is familiar to you. It can be emotional when you realise that there are so many others who share some pretty random things with you, that aren’t very random at all.


thank you for telling me this i will look at it someday. and you are right i already saw things i can relate to.


I’ve gotten something interesting from just about every story i read here. Some real surprises. Good luck! Enjoy the journey.


thank you


Are you Dutch? Ben je Nederlands?

Welcome anyway! Just start browsing! So much recognition to be found here!


God , how much I need an Investor or maybe Investors for all those damn good ideas in my mind> When insomnia hits i compose i new fun reality , even looked to contact Netflix i could have a great show out of my night thought ! I sense i can do so much with what’s in my head , despite all of those scientifically proven info on our brain being smaller and bla bla bla, we are the true leaders , this is what we can do the best , we can’t organize but we know how properly organized should look like, so why not using our strengths and having other brilliant people who love to do it ! You out there who feel depressed and alone and as constantly failing ,look at your skills and choose what’s right for you, i may be in my Hyperactive mood! But believe me i never wrote a post in my life ,seemed not good enough doing it, so this is my first post and it is an positive one! I can proudly say i am a ADHD student abroad , studying in Germany , funny enough i actually study Taxation, yes you read it right , Taxation , why because taxes are not just paper work but also a variety of different cases …and damn i struggle i struggle i struggle , well like all of us! These assignments bore me! Although i have so many ideas! In the end , our brain is magic keep it up Darlings!


ja dat ben ik. (yes i am)


Update! Had a huge fight with my friend , on the topic ,WHY I AM BEING ALWAYS LATE, this is so damn ironically<! My friends on this matter, we won’t never be understood! How to explain to a person that i just turned to do something and i didn’t notice the time pass! Hard !