Hyperfocus and remembering what you have studied?


Hey Everyone so I was wondering if anyone knows if hyperfocusing to study is affective? Hyperfocusing is great for working on one time projects that doesn’t require you to remember much but will I be able to remember what I have learned when writing tests if I study in hyperfocus for a long time?


Hello @Jean,

If the topic you are studying is exciting/interesting enough for you to achieve hyperfocus on, then your brain is going to want to devour as much of it as you may be able to stay awake for.

But if it’s not really that interesting to you, and you’re only really doing it because you have to, then it’s probably not going to work to just sit there with the material for an extended period of time, forcing yourself to read.

A lot of us require some kind of movement to stay engaged with something that is otherwise a little tedious. I know some ppl use fidget toys and similar, but for me, walking around and reciting what I have just learned, aloud, are ideal ways to cement new info into my head.

Even if the only person you have to recite to, is a pet, have at it! They probably won’t protest to all the extra attention. :slight_smile:


Hey @ SirC thanks for the advise I will try movement. I’m studying for my degree in Zoology and Genetics and really enjoy it and I often find myself hyperfocusing in class when I am learning something new (mostly how I am barely able to pass) but have trouble working on it after that so I unintentionally leave it untill the night before exams and tests before looking at it again which is not working so well since it is just too much work for one night even if I work on it all night. I have learned a few strategies from Jessica’s videos but it is now exam time so will have to wait a bit to try them out so that I work throughout the year and not leave it for the last minute also I have a pet hedgehog :hedgehog: an impulsive buy and he doesn’t really like attention but I have no problem talking to myself or even inanimate objects


Haha! :smiley:

So procrastination prevention tactics might help too, hm?
To that- I have tried to adopt the “15 minutes only” rule, when it comes to something I know is good for me to do (like studying) but not exactly fun.
I hold myself to a pretty simple idea: I will sit down with my book, and set a timer for 15 minutes. Once the timer goes off, I can do whatever I want - including stop reading.
Almost every time I do this, I “can’t stop, won’t stop!” because lo’ and behold, my hyperfocus has been engaged and I am hungry to learn more.
Maybe this tactic will help you?
Give yourself the limited “demand” that you “only” have to dedicate that small amount of time/focus, but that you Have to do it at least once a day, until the assignment is done.
What do you think?


That is a great idea I am definitely going to try it. Thanks a bunch!


Hi Jean.

At what university do you study? I know for example at Kovsies there is a Unit for students and helps if you need extra time etc. I have decided today that I am going to study History and Political science. At NWU Go Pukke lol :frowning: So at the ripe age of 27 I have decided to study what I wanted to study basically 10 years ago.

PS: Dit is ongelooflik warm ne? Dit het darm 'n paar dae trug gereen die kant. Sterkte met jou eksamen. Terloops baie welkom.


Heya I am at Kovsies I just didn’t think I needed it but am looking into it now and yes it sure was hot I almost died of the heat :fire: en ek weet nie of jy besef het nie maar jy het oor gestaan Afrikaans toe


Yes I know I went over to Afrikaans. thats why I said PS lol
I almost typed in Afrikaans once again.
How did you find UFS 101 lol

Hang on go and see Martie Miranda she is head there she is really nice.

What year are you now? You are down at the Francios Retief building or atleast your classes right?

(Nou mis ek sommer Bloem)


I hated ufs101! I am 3rd year with 2de year subjects and thanks I will go see her and sorry I am not sure I know what you mean with the last bit not about missing bloem but before that?


Medical Faculty is located at the bottom of campus where huis HF Verwoerd (Armentum) is.

Wat swot jy?

UFS 101 Came in when I was 3rd year hence I never had to do it.


I almost forgot the Unit for students with Disabilities is located inside the Sasol Library. Its on the ground floor next to the art galary.


Hey Jean!
Hyperfocus is good for the topics/articles/anything that grabs your attention. Learning and then writing the thing (that you have just studied) in your own words is helpful and long-term.


Thank you that is very helpful sorry for not replying sooner but it was my first day here


I found you on Facebook is it okay if I send you a friend request


Jy is meer as welkom


Thank you!