Hyperfocus.. and trying to shift attention...

So when I hyperfocus on a task or project or hobby… or anything really… It becomes very very difficult to do anything BUT said activity. To a point where it feels impossible and very uncomfortable to try and force my focus elsewhere. (an extreem case was when I was on a week break from work and I decided I Wanted to learn to code… in any language really… So I obsessed over learning web design, and in the span of a week, I had 2 websites up and running. I learned the two basic and most important “languages” I needed to code for web development and did nothing else but that. I couldn’t do anything else, I didn’t even cook. And when it was done, I let go of the whole idea, and now I can’t get myself back into it…)

My husband will try to make me do something else like going to bed before my brain has run its course but it makes it worse and if he succeeds it’s almost a physical discomfort.
I experience this type of thing in varying intensities but the feeling is always the same… even if it’s only a couple of days long.

It’s always followed by a crash period where my energy levels drop and my ability to do mundane things remains impaired. I wouldn’t describe it as mood swings because general mood stays relatively normal throughout… with occasional hypersensitivity or strong emotions, both good and bad, as usual…

Does anyone else experience this with their hyperfocus?? How do you deal with it if so?


I can relate to this. The best suggestion I can give is to make a schedule for your day, divide your daily timetable with, say 1 hour or 1/2hour slots. Then fill up appropriate time to follow your hyperfocus subject, time to study, time to eat, time to relax, time to do housework, time to exercise, etc.

Once you start the time period for ‘activity X’, set your alarm for when ‘activity X’ is supposed to end, to make sure you have a reminder. Don’t make the time periods too long, otherwise the hyperfocus force can become too strong to resist.

The difficult bit is sticking with the schedule and forcing yourself to break from what you are doing, but if you do it more often, it becomes easier. Maybe getting into a routine should help with your feeling low too.