hyperfocus true or false

If it’s a hyperfocus, then it’s always a good use of time


Please explain your answer :slight_smile:
(And feel free to define “good” as well!)


I think it’s both true and false :sweat_smile:
It’s good because you’re being very productive, you can focus your entire enjoy until you complete a task, and time goes by quickly. But it’s not good because there’s more efficient ways, it’s impossible to control and you can end up doing bad ( Like forgetting to eat ) I don’t know if that even makes sense but it’s my take on it :yum:


Last summer I was hyper focused on completing my shed so much I got the worst sunburn in years and I wouldn’t stop to eat or drink. So that was productive but harmful to my body.


I think that’s kinda encouraged nowadays. I mean if someone stays up all night to complete a work project then they’re applauded, even through the person now has to deal with burnout. Whether it’s because someone hyperfocused or not, spending that kind of energy and focus is exhausting!! I think Brains have an advantage and a disadvantage here. ADHDers already know this feeling so in a way that’s good because we know how to recover. It’s normal for us so we have a better idea on what coping skills actually work. But on the other hand it’s so much worse because the utter sense of tiredness is more intense/common. On top of that, we don’t get the admiration because our method is messy or focused on the wrong thing…


False because you said ‘always’. The opposite - it’s never good - would be equally false.

Hyperfocus can be good if you know what you’re doing and are really burning miles on whatever your “road” is in this metaphor. At its best, it’s basically a flow state. And stuff gets done.

At work, I have a tendency to hyperfocus on a problem that needs solving. I try this, try that, and before I know it, I burned hours on a solution that, once found, takes about five minutes to implement. And since we’re paid for results, there’s always a chance those five minutes are all we can bill for. My boss told me to ask my co-workers when stuff doesn’t work the way I think it should, but that depends on me noticing I’m even doing it.

Not a good use of time, then. Even though I learn a lot.


It totally depends on what I am hyperfocusing on and what else I need to be doing.

At work it’s often a good thing for me (and in these situations I also classify it as a flow state). I work fairly quickly, think of good ideas and I enjoy the work. Sometimes I am at work and hyperfocusing on something that isn’t work. This makes me feel guilty, and if others noticed I could get in trouble.

As a child I would read every night before bed. I hyperfocus on reading, and as a 12 year old I would regularly be awake until 2 or 3 AM until I fell asleep in the middle of my book. I say that having a child who loves to read is a good problem to have, but losing that much sleep for years on end is a problem (both for me and for my parents who got less sleep because they were trying to make sure I got some).

There are also times when the thing I hyperfocus on is pretty much just doing the same thing over and over again. As an adult I’ve started hyperfocusing on planning, and there’s a point where the plan is done, but I’m going to keep poking at it for a long time after that.

I often enjoy hyperfocusing, but I think it’s a neutral concept and whether it is good or bad depends on context.



  • Hyperfocus is a state of Focus. It’s an aspect of our executive dysfunction, where we get stuck in a state of ‘intertia’ and cannot ‘switch task’.

  • Hyperfixation, however, is the same thing as a Special Interest. It’s something that gives us a ton of joy and dopamine and gives us a lot of intense stimulus.

  • We can hyperfocus on a hyperfixation, but they’re not the same thing at all.

Hyperfocusing is not always a good use of time, because 9 times out 10, we can’t choose to hyperfocus, our brains just switch into GO GO GO mode, and suddenly 5 hours have passed, we’ve forgotten to eat, drink, use the bathroom, etc.

It CAN be GREAT if we happen to hyperfocus on homework, or chores, or research, or something we were intending to do.

It can ALSO be BAD when we hyperfocus on things were NOT intending to do. Like getting stuck on wikipedia rabbit hole. Getting stuck scrolling through phone. Getting stuck playing a game when we need to be doing things.


I’d say false, because i rarely hyperfocus on anything that is actually productive.
If I hyperfocus on a videogame for example, i might be productive in terms of game progress, but overall life progress (especially chores) isn’t made whatsoever.


Both good and bad, i used to hyperfocus on things that interested me and most of the time those things were not necessarily productive or useful. Once i started treating my adhd again with medication i am slowly learning to Channel that hyperfocus on the (to me anyway) more mundane things. Slow process but definitely worth it!


False. My hyperfocus is not quite the same as what others describe, of a single long session of one topic setting food and other needs aside.

Its more weeks long every spare moment in between the work I do for home and for career. And it derails other things that I should be focusing on.


True when I am hyper-focusing on something productive that actually needs to get done.

Kind of both when it’s a productive activity that could wait, especially if other things are more important and should really take priority… or if I neglect my self-care in the process.

I don’t consider hyper-focus on facebook, for example, as true hyper-focus. I consider that addictive behavior and it is typically avoidance behavior as well.

False if I’m doing something productive but not particularly consequential and am simultaneously procrastinating something I know I really do need to get done but really really dread doing…

Like now I’m not hyper-focusing on doing this… but I am avoiding the mountain of work in front of me… so back at THAT :roll_eyes::upside_down_face: