Hypersensitivity through ADHD

I’ve been diagnosed with ADHD since I was a kid.
Recently I’ve experienced my Hypersensitivity more,
than usually.

I would like to get into these different things,
to see, if I’m the only one having these symptoms.
I think I always had these Symptoms, but now i experience
them more, than before.

  1. Tight Clothing.
    Unlike most people, I wear most of the time very loose clothing,
    because if I don’t I start to get massive stomach ache. Currently now writting this, I’m sitting
    more or less with open pants. I even bought larger pants, which are a lot too big for me and I wear them with a belt.
    I would like to know, if other ADHD’ers experience this too. I don’t think, that it is the tablets causing that, because even without medication, I can feel when it’s too tight.

  2. Lighting
    My brightness on Computers, Phones etc. are always on very low. For some reason I get headache from brightness. When I am the whole day in a room, where the light shines down directly on me, I get a headache, which usually lasts for a few hours, sometimes even the entire night.

  3. Air
    When I am in a room, for instance my own, having all the windows and doors shut, I tend to get very quickly headache. That is why I have a fan blowing air from the bathroom door (Which goes outside), directly into my room. The problem with this is, that in Switzerland the weather can get very cold over night. However if I don’t do it, I have a headache the next morning. Unlike other people, I quickly notice when there isn’t enough oxygen in a room and I get confirmed through my headaches.

In one of those rooms, I opened the window and I didn’t have any headache.
Again like previously, I’d like to know if I’m the only one having these problems, as there’s barely any Information on the internet.

  1. Sound
    Highpitch sound has given me migranes before. Like mosquito sounds or even regularly very high volume at a party or something.

A bit Information:
I’m 19 Years old, I talk regularly to a doctor/psychologist about my medication and over the past few Weeks I’ve been trying new medication like Medikinet.
I’ve written down in detail daily, how I felt with the different medication and It’s possible, that the Focalin gives at the rebound effect a migrane.

The symptoms above however, are probably not connected to the medicine, as I’ve had this without.

Looking forward to read your responses!

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The brightness of screens is big one for me. I have to be very careful about keeping the brightness low, to the point that I have apps to make it dimmer than the lowest setting.

Air for me is more about smells, like cigarette smoke, perfume and gas fumes. All of those give me bad headaches.

Too high sound volume bothers me, but instead of high pitch sounds my biggest issues is repetitive low pitch noises like thumping bass.

Clothes seams, textures, and tags bothered me as a child, but I think I’ve gotten used to that one now.

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  1. Tight cloths are the worse. So for me it is turtlenecks, or closed collared shirts and sleeves, luckily I can nope right out of wearing them most of the time unlike pants which I’ve also always felt more comfortable in a size or two too big.

  2. On my windows computer I have the magnifier on and set to 100% so I can invert my colours with a CTRL+ALT+I I find that helps me deal with really bright webpages. Warning it does make pictures look creepy especially teeth.

  3. As for air I have little fan on me in my offices to improve air flow as don’t have windows I can open.

  4. High pitched (and it doesn’t need to be that high) sounds make me want vomit but I actually find that the quality or feel of the notes matter to me a little bit more. I can handle higher notes better if they are created in a solid full-bodied manner

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Thanks very much for all your replies. I first thought about if I should ask on this forum, now I’m glad I did and it starts to seem, that I’m not the only one with these problems.

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I use night mode, dark mode on browsers and the lowest setting on any device.
I even tell people some times, that I can’t look and help them, as long as their screen is that bright.

I’m very sensitive to sunlight and tend to keep my phone brightness pretty low as well.

I experience the clothing thing, too. I hate cowboy boots (they climb up the calf way too high, feel constricting) and turtleneck sweaters, of course. I don’t like any of the dress-pants type slacks that I’ve ever owned, EVER, in my life, I feel constrained and packed in. I wear jeans, comfy fit, cotton. And t-shirts. Done. Nothing else. Period. End of story. There’s a line in this “unofficial” test for ADHD from the “Totally ADD” channel https://youtu.be/iozAFIr3BEw where the narrator asks whether you wait until you’ve found the perfect underwear or socks and then you buy a jillion extra pair so you’ll never be without again in your life. Yes! That’s me!


Oohhh i absolutely HATE clothing tags!! More then once, I’ve gotten yelled at for impulsively ripping tags off of clothing ( and putting a hole in said clothing ) As for tightness, my relative once tried to put a turtleneck on me and I screamed until they backed off…so yeah I relate :joy:
I mostly wear shorts and t-shirts. However, there’s this GIANT hoody I own which goes allll the way down to my knees. That way I can fold my legs up into myself and the hoody when I’m cold

Well I wear dress shirts constantly, as when you’re too warm, you just simply open a button. agreed tshirts are a lot easier, but short sleeve shirts seem more professional to me, as I’m politically active

Right?! Except I find it quite mentally difficult to buy a bunch of extras because I grew up quite poor and then the company discontinues “my” shoes/socks/jeans and I have to go on a long and frustrating hunt to find a new pair of acceptable shoes and my highest priority in clothes rarely seems to match others’ (my shoes must be loafers that match everything I own and have a large foot opening so I can step in and out of them because I WILL be taking them off all the time)


Yeah i can’t find any new underwear and the last ones I bought would give me constant stomach ache.

However I do wear nice button up shirts and made experience with one very itchy pair of trousers, which belong to a costume. After a while of wearing it on my naked skin, it stopped itching

When I have to wear shirts or want to dress up I wear the top button undone and if I can get away with it the sleeves rolled up or short sleeves. I was so happy when it became a socially acceptable thing for the top button to be undone.

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I’m extremely highly sensitive. So to some extent I can relate to all of these. I always say: I’m sensitive inside and out. I have sensitive skin, a sensitive digestive system, I’m emotionally and mentally sensitive, I’m spiritually sensitive and I’m sensitive to a many different types of energy (the energy that a phone gives out for instance).

So it goes a little further then being uncomfortable with loud noises or tight clothing. My skin even gets irritated by water. If I take a shower I often come out with itchy red spots everywhere

And mom is eating lunch Rn which reminds me: I can’t stand the sound of chewing. Or any ASMR stuff. I hate it

Ooohhh slightly off topic, but I used to have showers so hot that I got second degree burns on my chest/back. I was so confused for a while, didn’t everyone’s skin rub off after a shower?

I can’t shower in hot showers. Then I’ll burn too :joy::joy::joy:

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You don’t mean that tiny pieces start to fall off, if you rub your arm a few times?
I thought that was normal

I just asked a parent. it’s normal

No I just get a completely irritated skin if I am in contact with a lot of water. And yes. My sweat does the actual same.

Nothing flakes off. I just get red itchy spots.

You know when there’s a rough blanket that starts pilling up? My skin would do that. Not flakes, but little grey balls

On tangential thought here: do ADHD-ers know more about whether or not, and in what conditions, their skin flakes off? I seem to be discussing skin flaking with my peers all the time. Weird. I also have rather sensitive skin, and have to wage a continual war against “business casual” clothing because if I start to sweat, I do not STOP sweating for hours at a time. It’s quite healthy to sweat, of course, and I don’t really complain about that fact; but it doesn’t coordinate very well with the “office professional” look that we’re supposed to provide during typical workplace hours. Furthermore, if I let the sweat rest on my skin for too long (i.e. I don’t get out of my wet underwear and socks and change into something dry) then the salt in the sweat will begin to irritate my skin a bit. Not much, but enough that I don’t want a sweat extravaganza to get started. Unfortunately, I live in a very hot, very humid climate (New Orleans). For me this issue is rather complex and interferes with a lot of my daily logistics. So far, I haven’t managed to distinguish in my mind, well, among the factors of: (1) sweating as little as possible, (2) my medium-highly sensitive skin, (3) ADHD, (4) sensitivity to clothing as based on ADHD / Asperger’s spectrum, as opposed to, (5) sensitivity to clothing as based on skin sensitivity, (6) living in a sweat-inducing climate, (7) getting exercise (which is good against ADHD, but causes sweat), … etc…

I have hypersensitivity mainly through light and sound. Loud noises are strong vibrations that can be like needles in my ears and I CANNOT CONCENTRATE!! It affected me during a test and I got a bad grade. My sensitivity to light is like the vivid filter on my phone. Bright lights hurt my eyes and keeps me from focusing just like my sensitivity to noises. Both of these senses keep me from concentrating in all forms of environments. It is best for me to test when the class is quiet.