I am a brain too, thanks to how ADHD

Hi There!

I am Maria and I am a 27 years old Master student, and yesterday I was officially diagnosed with ADHD.

It all started when the TED talk of Jessica McCabe appeared for me. It all started to pop in my head. So, of course, I got really curious and I started to document myself.
At that moment I was having some cognitive therapy since I couldn’t manage my anxiety, so I decided to talk about it with my psychologist.
The good thing about that is that she was actually a specialist on ADHD therapy (and I didn’t even know it, it felt like it was meant to be). After a couple of days of the test, yesterday I got the results.
It is amazing how after your tests results you can even get to know about your strong and weak points and how you can work on them. And it also everything makes way much more sense (like failing a whole subject because you forgot a bracket or a number inside your python script).

At the moment I don’t know anything about accommodations at my university, and since my master doesn’t have a lot of students, I don’t know if they are prepared for that kind of things. Also, the fact that I study in a German university and I am not German, it makes me wonder if they would also offer it for foreigners

So far, I think I still need to learn about this community. So happy I could find How to ADHD, and they have a forum to communicate with all of you!!

Cheers, Maria =)

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Welcome, Maria!

It can be such a liberating feeling to realize there is a reason for your challenges and that you are not alone.

I don’t have a formal ADHD diagnosis, but do have plenty of ADHD traits. Just knowing that means I can work on techniques and approaches to help with them.

Good luck!
– John


Hi Maria,

I’m also a 27 year master student and got diagnosed at the beginning of this year. I don’t know your uni and neither do I know all the regulations in Germany, but at my university (in the Netherlands) foreign student get the same accommodations. Altough it can be a bit of a hassle to get everything in the right system. What do you study actually?

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I study a Master in Geophysics at KIT (Karlsruhe). Normaly we are arround 8-10 students per semester, so that is why i think that they may not offer any accomodation. The main problem for me in that case is when we go to the computer room for the practical part of the master, when everyone start to talk and it is really difficult to concentrate. Now that the lectures are given online (pre recorded) and that each of us we do our exercises at home, i thought that i could manage it better, but actually not having anyone arround to check if i am in the correct process is even worst

Thanks a lot for your comment, i will get in contact with the universty and ask for some accomodations

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