I CAN FINALLY DRIVE!!! ...with meds.


I’ve been learning to drive for nearly 10 years and failed/cancelled multiple tests. I was too distracted by everything around me to focus on the road, and made so many stupid and dangerous mistakes that in the end I was actually scared to pass my test, because I knew that I’d be an unsafe driver because of my inability to focus on the road. I’ve had well over 100 hours of lessons over the years.

Yesterday was a landmark for me. I had my first driving lesson since being diagnosed with ADHD and starting medication. The difference was phenomenal. I was totally astounded by my newfound ability to watch the road and my instructor was really happy with me. I’m over the moon, knowing I can drive now!

My only concern is that I’ll only be able to drive safely when I’m medicated… I intend to keep some spare medication in my car (when I get one) so that if I forget or it wears off, I can take some before driving.

I know loads of people with ADHD who are great at driving without medication and I really don’t know how you do it! Is anyone else in my shoes? Totally unable to drive without medication?


Congratulations! Awesome that you finally have the freedom to drive!:grin: Just remember to change the medication in your car so it doesn’t expire.:wink:

@nancyn sound familiar?:sweat_smile: It’s always nice to find others who struggle with the same symptoms, so you don’t feel so alone.:wink::blush: And hopefully, if you get a diagnosis, you can get help too, to be a safe driver.:+1:


@djelibeybi Thank you for sharing this! @Marodir thank you for showing me this! It really means a lot.


Wow, that’s great news, @djelibeybi! I’m really pleased for you and also really thankful you shared this, because it gives me hope!

I’ve also had over 100 hours of driving lessons, only cancelled one test but in my case it wasn’t because I was scared to pass, it was my instructor who made me cancel because he was scared I would be a danger on the road. When I first started learning he was really impressed and told me I was one of the fastest learners he had taught. But once we’d got past the basic mechanics of driving it all went pearshaped because I was really inconsistent in my ability to pay attention to all the things I needed to. One week I was apparently driving so dangerously that he made me pull over and asked me really seriously whether I was high.

I’m not yet diagnosed, but it’s good to know that if I do get the diagnosis there’s a chance that medication might help me to drive safely, too!


Your story is almost identical to mine lol, I picked up the controls of the car super quickly. Nobody, not me nor my instructors, could figure out why I kept making stupid mistakes and I just gave up. But now I’ve found the reason and found a way forward it feels amazing. I hope you get the same feeling!